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Two bisexual girls are in love with each other, but there's a boy involved. they both lust after him. Will they go after this boy or just continue their relationship as just the two of them

LGBT+ Tüm halka açık.

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You Thought Wrong.

Summer and Tony were sitting at the back seat of the bus on their way back from school. Tony wanted to talk to Summer but did not know how to start the conversation as they had not spoken or seen each other in a while.

Tony : You seem down, did Sonny(Summer's ex boyfriend) dump you?

Summer : Between you and I , we know who's most likely to get dumped. why did Teyana dump you btw

Tony was baffled at what Sum had just said, they have not spoken in a while but she still knows what is going on in his life. "Well it's kind of like... complicated. but I can assure you, I'll get her again" he said. "You're confident , aren't you" Sum said blushingly. "Very. What Tony wants, Tony gets." he laughed. Sum ignored this statement and just took out her lip therapy to apply on her lips. "My lips are also dry,care to share?" asked Tony. "Lip therapy is for girls." replied Sum as she rolled her eyes. "Well if it means I have to be gay to get that lip therapy from your lips then (Changes his voice) girl what the hell! gimme that sis, come come." , Sum laughed at this and just went closer to give him the therapy, mind you she gave him the one on her lips. it was supposed to be a basic kiss but Tony just pulled her closer and started kissed her passionately so. "Tony! are you coming or what?" said Sam as he made his way out of the bus. they had arrived at their stop. "I'll text you" said Tony as he went off.

it was exactly 16h00 , when Tony texted Summer.

Tony : If I had known that the only way to get a kiss from you was asking for you lip therapy then I would've done it a long time ago. —

Summer : It's no Biggie bro.😒

Tony : I want you.

Summer : You said you wanted Teyana too , well I guess we have the same taste because I want her too.

Tony : Lmao you're so funny . you want her for what exactly?

Summer : I want her for exactly what you want her for

Tony : Relationship? psssh aren't you straight

Summer : Says who?

Tony : I just assumed you were , since you never showed any interest in girls

Summer: well next time you should try not to assume.

Tony : if that's the case then I want both of you. You date me and her, I date you and her, she dates you and I.

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