Life was sweet and easy once I moved back home from my emotionally draining, poorly planned & short lived time living in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. Things were looking pretty Gucci - an above average relationship with mum, always in touch with my sisters, the best group of friends I could ever have asked for, a job and workmates I loved and most of all, I was finally happy in my own skin. Things turned from "Gucci" to "Walmart", to “Day-After-Spicy Curry” shit, when the pandemic happened and even worse (to me), the emotionally unavailable fuckboy in me, fell in love for the first time. This book is about growth, healing, breaking, faking until you make it and some outrageous shit that you’d think it is all fiction, when in fact, they are based in real life. I wish you a safe and enjoyable journey. Thank you for reading. Disclaimer: it would probably be best to warn you that if you get offended easily, this is probably not the book for you. I have no filter, love sex, festivals and I am "serial-dater" according to an old LGBTQ+ buzz feed Quiz from the early 2010's: I got Taylor Swift. Read at own risk xoxo—

LGBT+ Sadece 18 yaş üstü için.

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Author’s Note

Hey you,

Looks like you got something going on; or maybe you are looking for your next read; or maybe you are specifically looking for a very intriguing biography with a touch of unorthodoxly & 'tested' self-healing tips; perhaps, you low-key love drama (no judgments lol); whatever it is, I wish you a safe & successful journey and I hope you are entertained with how outrageous my life is and how Kim K and her drama got nothing on my daily shit.

This book was born, to keep it simple, because I had enough with our healthcare system, New Zealand's Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), endless greatfulness and unrealistic self-care books & its cults, and finally, hitting below rock bottom.

I was my own "Guinea pig" & "one-data-person" research. I have had it with feeling miserable all the time or nothing at all. I decided to change.

When it got tough, my GP popped them pills like skittles and it may have saved my life, but what a messy bitch of a goddamn situation; Neither the doctors nor my intense ADHD Hyperfixation Google Research prepared me for the side effects of the medication, and even worse, the ripple effect it caused in my personal & professional life.

It is my personal & best advice to you, that no matter where you are in life right now, even at your happiest, if you are presented with the opportunity of having access to therapy, take it. Just. Do. It.

I hope that this book is a catalyst for your good self-healing journey as I will tell you what I have been through, coping mechanisms that worked for me (and didn't), how my life did a full 180 degree change cold turkey and how it all got literally the worst, before it began to get better.

Love always,


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