emma beauregard

Suzy got diagnosed with cancer. Can she survive high school? Mean people,chemotherapy,piano,mysterious deaths and grandparent...

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chapter 1

2 months ago, June 26, 2021, in California,

"But mom... dad, I don't want to move to CANADA!!!" "Suzy, it's for the best, this city isn't good for-" "MOM I DON'T NEED YOU BABYING ME ANYMORE!!!!" As I ran up the stairs for probably the last time I heard my mom crying, and my dad comforting her. I grew up in Los Angeles, California. I'm going to miss the people, and the noise, and even the people yelling. I'm just gonna miss LA. I'm even gonna miss the LA Mall, and the playhouse I was in so many plays there such as Annie, Peter Pan, and little mermaid, and I was supposed to be in sleeping beauty, but by then I will be in stupid Canada. Just because of leukemia. My mom thought the city was too much for me. Are there even palm trees in Canada? I asked myself. There was in LA... So anyway, she wanted to move to a farm land with stinky, gross donkeys and animals. It's supposed to be a quiet little place. I don't care though. I love the loudness and people talking. I love the lights and the taxis and just the people. I miss the city and I haven't even left.

Right now Montreal Canada August 29, 2021

"Mom, do I have to go to school tomorrow?" "Doctor Chan said it would be good for you to get back out there again such as piano lessons again, Kleines Madchen." One thing you should know about me is that I love the piano. I wanted to be a famous pianist, but when I got diagnosed with cancer 2 months, 15 days, and 45 minutes and 4 seconds ago I quit taking lessons and stopped playing. Another thing you should know is my mom is learning how to speak German, so watch out. "Yes, I want to do piano again... just not go to school tomorrow. "Suzy, you are going and that is final. " I ran up the wooden marble-ish stairs before my mom told me not to because of cancer, but as I ran up the stairs, I heard a loud knock on the door. No one ever comes to our house at 10:00 at night.

Chapter 2

I heard my mom talking to someone "she... excited... have.. I couldn't make out what she was saying, but just 2 minutes later my dad came downstairs and said,''nice to see you. It's been awhile. Stay as long as you want." That's when I got a little, just a little curious. So, of course, I had to go downstairs to go see who was at our house. Then I see grandma Caroline and grandpa Alaric.``Suzy, ich kann nicht Glenn, Dass du so groß geworden bist." Did I mention my grandmother wanted my mom to speak German and to try it because she was... I'm happy to see you, Grandma!" "in Deutsch!", "Ich Freue mich, dich Bei Ōma zu sehen. “Did I mention my mom made me take lessons to get the cancer stuff off of me, "How are you feeling Suzy?" Of course, my mom answered for me. ``She's doing good. She started taking chemotherapy and my little girl is going to make it." I hate when my mom does this to me." she is starting at FACE high school tomorrow.", "My lord. Tomorrow," I was pretty annoyed now by my parents, so I stomped up the stairs as loud as I could and slammed my door shut, and went to my room, and went to bed. The one thing I like in this stupid house is my bed. It has big warm blankets on it and my silk pillow and it's very warm, but that doesn't change how I feel about tomorrow. I'm just not looking forward to tomorrow.

When I woke up in the morning, I smelled cinnamon and sugar and I couldn't wait to see what it was. "Good morning dear," said Grandma Caroline, and Grandpa Alaric. Me being me, I asked, "So what are you making?" "Just some cinnamon buns and fresh-squeezed orange juice.," The room smelled so good it smelled like cinnamon and sugar and maple syrup. On the news, I hear "Another death has occurred today, the third one in a week, this 40-year-old man- Then Grandma Caroline turned off the TV. don't ask me why. Weird... Then my mom came downstairs and dad and you could tell it surprised them. The smell. I didn't care though because I needed to get ready for stupid, stupid high school.

For the first day of school, I'm wearing my ripped Hollister jeans and my yellow tank top and a white sweater and my white vans My hair medium-length hair soon will not be there anymore because most of it is already falling out is straightened. As I'm leaving my house, my mom reminds me I have chemotherapy after school. Did I mention UGH? But don't tell my mother I said this because I will deny everything, but maybe this will work. They are hoping to get all cancer out of my body in the next month, and I'm feeling better. But I had chunks of hair coming out after I ate, but I just hide them under my fuzzy purple rug I got for Christmas 3 years ago. My dog, Daisy, who is a German Shepard MIXED with a Golden Retriever, came and ran up to me to say goodbye. When I open my door, I feel a fresh breeze come over me and I smell the flowers. I even think I smell the ocean, but that I think is just me. It's actually kind of calming.

Chapter 3

At school, it's different from LA schools. Mostly all the schools in LA are partly outside and this school is all inside, and it's just different people at school are talking about that 40-year-old man again at school and saying it was a murder and the police are covering it up but I don't listen because I don't care about that stuff! At the WORST possible time, I flip my hair and an enormous chunk of hair falls out, and this boy says "whoa, weirdo" and everyone is laughing and saying the same thing and making fun of me. I need to stop worrying so much. Maybe they will forget about it by tomorrow...? I couldn't hold back my tears. I ran straight to the girl's bathroom and cried for about 5 minutes. Stupid bullies.

Right, when I thought my life was absolutely the worst thing ever I heard this girl saying from outside of my stall, and she said "Amanda, Charlotte, Chloe, Jake, and Jason are all jerks and mean and rude, don't listen to them, my grandmother had cancer." Somehow, that made me cry even more. "Thank... thanks... thank you" I FINALLY say. Ugh. "How about you come out of the stall and tell me who you have for homeroom?" The girl said. When I open the disgusting metal door that has drawings, all of it. I see a girl (OBVIOUSLY) who has dark black hair that is about to her collarbone and is pale, pale, pale, and has the prettiest blue eyes ever. She is wearing a red casual dress with white converse. "So, who do you have?" she asked. "I have Ms. Grump," I said. The girls' eyes turn big. "SAME we can walk together." She said, as we were walking, I remembered something very important. "Hey, what's your name?" Abigail Blake," She said, wait I thought to myself, I know that name... "um sorry my name is Suzy Dietrich." " Cool, I already know we are going to be best friends."

When I got home, my parents and grandparents asked me the usual "how was your day, what did you eat, any homework?" After school, I go to chemotherapy. The doctor is saying I'm getting better, but more of my hair is falling out. It's freezing at the doctor's office and so are the doctors, but when I get home, I go to my room and play the piano. It is my one genuine passion. I'm playing momma mia and it's my favorite song to play and sing to, but I haven't played it for a while. I've been so busy with school and my family and my health. Abigail made people stop saying stuff about me, so now no one says anything. I think people fear her. I am happy we are friends, and I met someone like her to help me finish my senior year.

My mom enters my room, and she looks too happy, way too happy. What did she do? " Mom, what did you do?" "what do you mean? " She asked, "I just entered you in a little piano contest." "WHAT DID YOU DO? " "Suzy, it's a fantastic contest, and you wanted to get back out there and I think it will be good for you. " "What contest is it?" My mom looks down at the floor. Her dark emerald eyes come back to me" Maria Canals International Music Competition..." My mouth drops to the floor. That is a huge musical contest and piano is a huge event. Some of the BEST pianists in the world go to that competition. "MOM WHY I HAVEN'T PLAYED FOREVER!!!!" my mom whispers "you just did..." "GET OUT" "you are doing the contest this Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm right here in Montréal Canada for the first time" As she walks out I cry I honestly don't know why but I'm an emotional person I can't help myself, and now i'm worrying again great. Then I stand up and fall to the ground and bang my head.

Chapter 4

I hear a lot of yelling. I can't make out what they are saying, but I hope I don't die. I can't die today. I have my whole life, but at the same time, I kinda wanted to die. I couldn't breathe, and I wanted it to be my time to go. I used to think that everyone could survive cancer, but I have no luck in myself and my body. I felt like I got run over by a bus. Then I hear sirens and people coming up the stairs and I hear crying. When I woke up that night, my mom told me I had a bad faint, and I wasn't breathing and I could've died, but I didn't. But they are clearing me to go tomorrow. " At least you will go to that competition," Said Grandma Caroline. Oh, my gosh. Ugh. "Yeah, I guess. " The next morning on the news another woman was found dead, and I was getting a little suspicious. Then my mom comes in and tells me I'm cleared to go tomorrow.

It's 8 am, and the competition starts at 10 am. When we get to the building at 8:56 am. My mom wanted me to start warming up, so I started playing momma mia and then I see when I'm walking out of my room, I see Abigail."OMG SUZY YOU'RE GOING TO DO SOOOOO GOOD AND I'M GONNA BE SUPPORTING YOU AND I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!" "Thank you so much, Abigail" "no problem I'm going to go get a seat." I'm tense and highly strung because I'm going on in 5 minutes and I'm sweating and my heart is racing and uh I feel sick!!!!!! "SUZY DIETRICH COME TO THE STAGE FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE" oh my god... As I walk to the stage to the piano, I see Abigail, my parents, and my grandparents, and suddenly I think I can do it. I sit down and start playing the best I have ever played before in my life because I want this more than anything.

I walk out of the music auditorium with a first-place 4-foot trophy and my pride. Everyone is saying congratulations to me but I don't think this day could get any better until my mom gets a phone call from Doctor Chan "Hello..." "Yes um hello, Mrs. Dietrich we have excellent news. I think you will be very pleased that all the cancer is out of Suzannes' body and she is healthy and the chemotherapy worked and your daughter is a survivor! My mom starts crying and grandma Caroline and my dad and grandpa Alaric are hugging me and Abigail is hugging me too. This day is the best day ever and I'm so happy again.

Chapter 5

As we are walking home on this beautiful spring day this short, middle-aged woman with light blonde hair that looks white, and she had the lightest green eyes I have ever seen came running up to me and said, "Hi I'm Maria Canals and I am tremendously intrigued by your performance today and I was wondering if you would like to sign a contract with Maria Canals Piano records, you would get to travel and play piano all over the world and I would be extremely pleased if you would even consider joining us." I couldn't even speak. Was I that good? She keeps on talking, "Usually the only people who come with us are 20+, but I think we could make an exception for you. How old are you again?" "Um, I'm 18," "Well me and my company wants you to join us we think we actually know you will be a fantastic fit and you would be famous and well know just like that," My whole family and Abigail are watching me right now eyes big mouth dropped to the ground, but I think I know my answer.

Chapter 6

It's graduation day, there's a pleasant summer breeze. I can smell the flowers and I can hear the birds chirping. The sun is glowing, and it's a lovely day outside. I'm sitting next to Abigail and as they call names and give out diplomas, I think of everything I've been through that year like moving halfway across the world, having to meet all new people, cancer, getting cleared from cancer, my grandparents coming back for an odd reason, and getting that record deal for piano. Although I didn't take the deal, I still play the piano every day and entered more competitions. I didn't take the deal for many reasons. One: I just moved here. I can't leave now. My family is here. Two: There's so much more for me to do than travel around the world for the next two years. I just found myself again and I want some time to think about my future. Then I hear "Help, help, help me." What the heck. Who is saying that???? I turned around but no one behind me was talking. It was a different type of talking, but I will not worry about it... At least, not right now.

I just want to enjoy this moment, the moment when I graduate. "Abigail Blake. '' As they call her name, I know I'm next and my heart is racing and my palms are sweaty and-,"Hey, are you ready?" said Abigail. "Yeah, as ready as I'll ever be. Congratulations! "Thank you," Abigail whispered. "Suzy Dietrich!" As I walk up to the stage, I'm proud of myself. I see my mom, and dad, and grandparents, and Abigail. I feel extraordinary, and I feel proud of myself. The lady who gave me my diploma said, "great job. This year, you will do great things. '' As I walk by, I think I'm on top of the world because I did it. I survived.

It's July. I'm still thinking about my future and what I want to do. Abigail is going to Yale. I also think everyone is moving on except me, and im worried I will never move on. We all need time to figure out our crazy lives and sort the world out. We're all just trying to figure out life one step at a time. I've been trying to figure some other stuff out like 10 other people have died in the past month and my grandparents moved away after they found out. I will miss them extremely, because I just met them again, and they moved. After I fainted a couple of months ago I've felt a little foggy like I'm missing something in me. I keep thinking I'm hearing stuff and seeing stuff, but it's just my mind. I keep telling myself, but I don't know. It could just still be my head planning tricks on me but, the voices are dark and faded like the person is there, but they aren't at the same time. It's weird. The people I'm seeing are faded also I hear the words "help me" and "you're the only person" It is all so weird. I just don't understand what is happening to me. My mouth has also been very sore these past few days. Whenever I'm thinking this deep, I fall asleep. Like I just did.

Chapter 7

Later on that night, when I was laying down in my bedroom around 11 pm, I got a call. When I check it's from grandpa I haven't heard from him in a while. Since he left with grandma. So I answered the phone "Hello, Grandpa?" "Yes, hello Suzy, um.," I have never heard or seen my grandpa speechless before. "I- we.. Your grandmother and I... we need to tell you something very important." I'm extremely worried now, "Okay..." what could it even be? My grandparents never have secrets, they just move a lot and are very weird. " It's going to explain the stuff that's been happening to you recently. I know it's weird and spooky but it could change. Wait, a second... I'm not going crazy and it's real...? It couldn't be... "I know me and your grandmother have been absent lately and for the past few years, but it's for a reason to protect you. You need to know the truth Suzy, it could help you, it could save you. W-" then the line cut. 6

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