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Love poem about 2 pagans who fall in love and experience the magic feeling of spiritual romance and a physical love

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The funeral of tears and sorrows

she cries as the night shrouds the face of the sky.the moonlight gives her sweet intoxicating emotions about her soul which is consumed by the shadows of lost dreams and sweet despair. the gods cried through the magic of her dark eyes. her chants she recites echoes through the night and the earthbound souls sing their praises of death to her sad heart. the coven circles the fire for the ritual of lost fear she begins to shed tears for a unbroken heart. sparks ignite within the fire of her soul which allows her to burn within her heart allowing the spirits to chant the poem of a lost dying song. "bleed me spirits ,the taste of death is on the hollows graves of ghostly souls and dark moonlight." the souls burn alive to the sabbath of the night;the craft pours lost hope and heavens burn her alive on the inside. darkness veils the bloody times of the souls sacrifice through time of heavens gate which hell blazes loneliness in her heart. the devil weeps over lost hearts poem to recite the pain of her inner soul to get her heart beating through pain of the church she build with tears and sorrows. she prays to the skies above with sweet serenity of her God to kill the pain of loneliness,when she she's the man in a black cloak as midnight,she walks to him and stares at his bright blue eyes she begins to smile with hope of fulfilling the sadness of a long lost love she's been waiting for. "hello,my name is Tabatha!" she smiles at him with a kind warm smile and a soul that would ignite anybody to talk to her." she stares at him and he stares at her green eyes,long black hair,with him admiring her beauty of not only her pale soft skin and her soft enriched vocals of her mysterious voice. "my name is edgar!"he says with a gentle kind deep tone in his vocals as he speaks to her. she smiles as she smiles at him hoping to kill the pain of isolation and loneliness to bury the hearts pain inside the flame of endless mercy and love. " the ritual of the night is only beginning to ignite shadows of love and blessings of romance to cast shadows to drown these tears of heartache away." Tabatha tells edgar. the raindrops pour down upon the face of the earth from the gates of heaven to cast shadows upon Tabatha and edgar face. lightning sings loudly through the skies of darkness with the pale moonlight shrouding the earthly grounds ,only calling spirits to get enpowered to the ritual of love and passion. they both look up at the moonlights beauty from the nine gates of heaven and enlighten them to thier spirits to sing the poem of broken hearts and shattered souls trying to mend each other in the shadows of love and bloody hearts. "time to partake in the ceremony of long,lost heartache to cure the ache of the loneliness of shadows and pain of losing everything."edgar tells tabatha the poetry written in souls paint a portrait of shadows of love. longing for her touch he begins to touch her face,slowly kissing her with the shadow's kiss and love burns thier hearts alive in loves tomb. she begins to smile feeling his heart beat,they began to dance slowly in the rain while the angels weep the sad sad song of a broken heart. Tabatha pulls off her cloak and grabs his hand she begins to lead him into the hellish forest. the spirits began to weep and cry shadows of happiness for the two souls to unite in love's burning realm. Tabatha puts her long black hair down while edgar slowly breathes in her ear a chant of words that sparks a feeling between the two hearts she pulls off his shirt just to give him that dying kiss to relive the moment for a sweet eternity. their hands touch,she begins to sigh as they hug each other in joy while the night sings its magic spark of romance to burn them alive in love. the shadows dance throughout the night and cast a shadow of light down on the spirits of earth and the heavens weep tears down on the burning hearts of souls. the heavens blaze bright as they have a sacrifice in love they cast a kiss on each other too cause the spirits to wake during the dawn of the love they make to each other. hymnal are sung by their hearts and the angels weep in joy as she holds him in her arms as the heavens light shine from the godly sacrifice.

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