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Stacy is a 17 year old , a billionaire and has been homeschooled since childhood. What happens when she arrives at a public school and comes face to face from people from the past?

Romantizm Contemporary 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil. © Published on 27 October 2021 by Richa Goorun This story cannot be reproduced This story is being written by Richa Goorun and has not being taken out of a book , comic or movie.

#fantasy # #love #werewolves #Alpha
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Chapter 1:Stacy's New School

Narrators POV

"Omg really mom, you really will?" Stacy said in excitement "Yes and I've already enrolled you" Stacy's mother said with pride "You start on Monday" "But let me-" "Thanks mom, love you , bye" and with those words Stacy was running down the hallway to her room.


*knocks on door* "Come in " Stacy said looking at the door" "Hey what you got there" her brother digged "I'm packing" "For?" "Public school" "Mom wouldn't let you" "Already did, go ask her" "MOM!!!" Draco screamed "Yes dear?" "Are you letting Stacy go to a public school?" "Yes" she said walking away "But mom-" "Stacy earned it"



"Bye mom, dad and Draco" she said hugging them, "hold on, there kiddo, your brother is going with you" "WHAT?!" Stacy gasped "He's gonna take care of you" "You are twins either way" the siblings' father said" Okay father" Stacy said and they both got into the car and drove away.

"Finally, here" Draco said as they stepped out of their limousine. The whole school watched as they walked pass. "Excuse me?" Stacy said to one of the girls "Yes?" "Can you show us to the principal's office?" "Sure follow me" she said as she walked , and they followed behind "Thank you so much" Stacy said and the girl walked away. Draco and Stacy stepped inside the office and was greeted by the principal given a timetable to follow, dorm keys, locker keys and a tour guide around the school.


"And that concludes the tour" said a school boy leaving "Do you remember any of that?" "Nope" "Same" *bell rings* "seebya after class sis"

Their timetables were the same so yea



Free period




"Hey um do you know where the Maths Class is?" Draco asked one of the boys "Straight down the hall, turn left and up the stairs turn right, go straight and there's your class." "Thats a lot of directions" "its fine we got it" Stacy said walking ahead of Draco.


In class

"Okay , class today we have two new students" "Where are they? They're probably not even worth our time" Emma commented

Let me introduce you to Emma, the most famous girl at school. A bully and downgrades everyone.

"Hey ,I'm Draco and You're the a waste of time" Draco defended himself and his sister "Hi I'm Stacy and I think you're not even worth this" she says picking up a piece of trash.

"Ugh" was the reply and the twins sat down.

"Hi , I'm Stella" a girl said "Oh hi?" "Don't mind Emma, she's the popular girl here" she said "Popular here , let's see who's popular after class" Stacy mumbled

"Stella , Stacy I want your attention now" "Yes miss" "Okay so to find x in math we....."


After class

"Omg is that Stacy Adams?" A girl said running towards Stacy "Hi" she said "Brother run!"


"Omg I'm sorry" Stacy said bumping into someone" It's fine" Stacy stood up to see a tall guy looking at her "Hey I've never noticed you around before" "Yea im new , This is my first day actually" "Oh nice to meet you, I'm Chase and you" "I'm Stacy"

"Wait Stacy Adams?" "Yes thats me" "So anyway what your wondering around here for?" "Free period, tryna find my dorm" "Whats the number?" "672" " Ah thats my sister's dorm , I'll show you to it m" "Thanks"


At the dorm

"Sister i found your roommate" "Really who?" "Wait Stella?"

"You're the new girl" "You guys know each other?" "Yea we're in the same class bro" "Okay, than ill leave you to it" he said leaving "I can't believe we're roommates" "Yea uh huh me too" Stacy looked around the room.

"Hey..." said a familiar voice to Stacy "YOU!!"

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