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Belle discovers Mr. Saint

Belle Anchovi was walking around Elli square, in the middle of her town, Lilinsburg. "What a wonderful morning!" she said. "Indeed," said her mother, Silvia. "Lininsburg has been having exceptional weather recently," And it had been true. Ever since the Great Mount Fire (a volcano) erupted last fall, things had been perfect.

"I prefer it, though it is a beautiful morning, to be a little more warm, so I don't have to wear this dreadful coat," said Belle. "Well, it shall be perfect for the ball I am going to tonight," said Silvia. "I don't mean it looks dreadful, I mean it feels dreadful," said Belle, rather embarrassed.

"You shall be going to a watchers house tonight whilst I am at the ball," said Silvia. "The professor who lives there shall not be disturbed unless you are about to die, and you shall not break anything, and you shall not talk unless someone talks to you," "Yes, Mother," said Belle. "We are here," said Silvia. "You must go inside, introduce yourself and immediately began reading your book." "Yes, Mother." said Belle.

"Very well. Now go on darling, don't take all day." said Silvia. So, Belle ran up to the door and knocked on it. "Who is it? Mr. Saint does not like visitors," asked the lady who answered the door. "Oh, it's you. The girl who is staying the night," Belle nodded her head. "In. We shan't waste time." said the lady. "Very well," said Belle. So, they walked into the door as Silvia waved goodbye.

"Now, do not disturb Mr. Saint whilst he is having his afternoon nap. He will awaken soon, however, if you ask him a question, you must, absolutely must, curtsey in front of him," said the lady, "Oh, and one last thing: I'm Mrs. McLix." Belle nodded in reply. She skipped up the stairs to the library. It was full of dusty old books. There was three bookcases, one in the corner, and the other two on the second wall of the room. Each bookcase was labeled a different subject. The corner bookcase was labeled as 'history' and the first one against the second wall were labeled 'science', and the third was labeled as'math'. Belle looked around the science section, searching for her favorite book, 'Marie Curie discovers Cancer Vol. 1'. Belle loved Marie Curie (the famous women who cured Cancer by finding radiation). Sudenly, an old man with white-ish gray-ish hair came striding over. Belle curtseyed in front of him and asked him question. "Do you know where Marie Curie is in this library?" she asked. "Oh, my. That is a good read, but wouldn't you rather go on an adventure?" replied the old man. "Yes!" agreed Belle, forgetting her manners. "I'm Mr. Saint, but you probably already know that, correct?" asked Mr. Saint. Belle nodded. "Well, yesterday I found a dungeon, in the cellar. It looked old, and abondanded. I took a look around, but I only found this coin," said Mr. Saint, holding out a shimmering golden coin. It had a picture of a gaint, a unicorn, and a centaur. Belle took the coin and flipped it over. There was five angry men riding on horses which seemed to be charging at the other side. She rubbed her finger on the coin and disappeared.

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