Phyllis Headly

Children's Book. A Story About A Curious Little Bear Cub Who Got Lost In The Woods Of Alaska And Found Its Way Back To Safety. The Moral Of This Story Is; Children Always Pay Attention And Listen To Your Parents Instructions...Parents Knows Best!

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Defining Moments For A Defiant Little Cub

In the Southern regions of Alaska Once lived a famous little Bear Cub named Oscar. He lived there with his parents in a little Town called Bear's Country.

Oscar was a healthy and vigorous little Cub, and he was known to be an extraordinary little Bear for his b—ravery.

He was very curious and always seemed to getting himself in tons of trouble.

Often times the little Cub would let his curiosity got the best of him. Unlikely for a Bear Cub,Oscar would wondered off on it's own and caught up later with the rest of the Sleuth.

Unfortunately, little did Oscar knew his worst Nightmare was about to be unfold.

It was a cold and Wintery afternoon in the Woods of Alaska,while all the Bears were out Camping and forging for their food and preparing for their long hibernating period. It was a December afternoon when all the Bear's Family were Camping out along side the beautiful Crystal Creek feasting on Pink Salmon. Little Oscar were busy trying out his Primitive skills, but his effort turned out to be unsuccessful. Nevertheless,luckily for Oscar his Mamma caught a big Fish and they both enjoyed it together.

It was getting rather dark and all Trail leads to Bear's Country where Oscar and his Family would spend the long Winter holiday in hibernation.

All the Mamma and Papa Bears and their Cubs were busy trying to get home after spending a long,but successful day out Fish hunting.

While on their journey back to Bear's Country,darkness sets in, and normally Fireflies would come out to invades the Woods at night. Little Oscar started to get curious after seeing a Firefly dancing around in the Twilight of the Woods with it's bright and flickering light.
Oscar then got distracted and followed after the Firefly on a lonely path and got misled by his curiosity.
Then suddenly,Oscar heard growling coming from the nearby bushes and became curious to find out what it was. Then the defiant little Bear went closer and closer,as the growls got louder and louder.
To his surprised it was a Wolf and her Cubs devouring a freshly killed Reindeer.
Propitiously,for Oscar they were busy feasting and minding their own business.
So Oscar attempted to entered their domain,but the ferocious Wolf would growled more furiously at Oscar.
So dejectedly, the little cub turned and went his way trying to find his Mom and Dad.

Overwhelmed from toiling all day long with the rest of the Sleuths, little Oscar stumbled on a big Tree stump that has a huge hole inside and there he spend his night alone.
It's early in the morning and the echoing sound of Crickets, the pecking of Woodpeckers and the creaking sounds of the Woods had awakened Oscar. So the frantic little Bear hurried toward the entrance of the hole anxiously hoping to find Momma and Papa Bear.

But when he realized there was no sign of his parents outside, with despondency he hanged his head and wondered off on the lonely Trail.

Oscar's parents had discovered that their Cub had gone missing later that night on their journey home, and returned back during the night hoping to find him.
On his way down the lonely Trail little Oscar met a few friends along the way,
Little Dorsey the Rabbit and Kenny the Wood Cutter.
Dorsey the Rabbit was very instinctive and smart.
Dorsey being instinctive knew
Oscar had lost his way, so she decided to stay with Oscar and they both hopped along down the lonely Trail. Kenny the Wood Cutter was also very helpful and friendly, as he would cut down trees that blocked Oscar's view, so Oscar could see much clearer to find his way home.
The journey was very long and tiring, so they all stopped and rested for a while.
While they were resting, something amazing, but strange happened. Dorsey the Rabbit heard a noise coming from behind the bushes and the trees were moving vigorously and uncontrollably.
So little Dorsey alerted her pals,so they all could disguised themselves from whatever it was coming from behind the brushes.

Kenny and Dorsey couldn't hold their composure for they were overtaken with fear and shaking relentlessly.
Then Oscar,famously known for his defiance and curiosity, peaked his head from under the bushes to see what was happening.
He then saw two adult Bears that had a splitting resemblance of Mamma and Papa bear,
So without hesitation he rushed out from under the place where they were all hiding and ran to greet the two adult bears.
Oscar didnt thought for one moment he could be in danger, he was so determined to find his mom and dad....and to his surprised it were Mamma and Pappa Bear out looking for their Cub the whole time.
And as soon as he realized it was his parents,little Oscar started jumping around with glee and showing off to his little friends,
while Mamma and Papa Bear were kissing and loving on their little Cub.
They were ecstatic to have found their little one safe and sound.

Little Dorsey the Rabbit and Kenny the Wood Cutter were very happy for their friend Oscar.
Little Oscar then thanked his friends Dorsy and Kenny
and they'all said their goodbyes and went their ways and live happily ever after.
The end.
Written By P.G.Headly

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