dani-rowan Dani Rowan

Blaine contracts a supposedly lethal neurovirus and develops unheard of abilities. After escaping, Auden and Blaine team up to find out more about the virus. But they may find something very unexpected...

Korku Teen horror Tüm halka açık.

#Virus #Revenge #Mirrors
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I have been here for 73 days now. My head no longer spins and my thoughts are comparatively cohesive. The constant reflection of my image is slowly breaking me, destroying what I think of as my sanity. On day 58, this journal appeared in the center of the concrete floor, a foreign object in my already alien surroundings, along with a small sharpened stick of charcoal.

I first noticed these objects while in the peak of my illness, agony searing through my body in sharp waves. In those days, I lived in my mind, on a black, sandy shore, with waves of fire washing over me. Occasionally, I would find spaces of conscious thought, like brightly colored gems in the bleak black sand.

I awoke (today? tonight?) to my own haunted reflection staring back at me from those maddening mirrors. I am scared of this illusory room and it's mirrors. However, I'm more terrified of what I could eventually find staring back.

I have to go. Somethings wrong.


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