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Kurtz is normal man that sundly he figured out that him family is in a global conspiration. The moment he finds out, the 7 wonders of the world were destroyed at the same time. He is part of it. He even tries to fix it. But this is only the beginning.

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One - The kidnapping. - Kurtz - Sunday, 19 of October to 2019

Brasília, Brazil.

My name is Kurtz, I am thirty-one years old. I am single, but I

intend get married soon. I consider that I have a great life. You know,

I have a great job, I am a pilot and I work in a great company. I live

with my dog Max and I think I have the necessary to have a good life.

Like ah… a great heath insurance, some savings for trips, a car, small

apartment, some friends, and my family is awesome.

But it was not always like that. I lost my parents. Ironically I lost

them in an air accident. This was the worse thing that happened in my

whole life. But I’ve always been optimistic. After the accident I didn’t

give up on aviation school. It was very difficult, but at the same time,

to become a pilot and take the people with the safety it was my honor

code. Who I am today is because that.

I believe that some moments have a big power for changing everything

in your life. And this changed my life forever. And I think my life is

going to change again. I intend to propose my girlfriend. My future is

a whiteboard that I won’t paint alone.

I think this is all about me, well, that was who I was, before that



It is 7p.m. The places here are very full. But here is the perfect

place for that. She likes this restaurant. It was where we had our first


This night is going very well, she is very happy, with beautiful

smile in all words that we say. I like moments like that. Stella is

different tonight, I don’t know, she seems nervous, or maybe it is me.

Well, I am enjoying this night but I need to say something to stop the


- Stella…

- Hunnn…

- Do you remember our first song? – Before she answers my question I look to the guy in the bar.

- Yeah, I think. Ahh-ah… – I like her expression of doubt – Oh my

gosh, it is on the tip of the tongue.

And suddenly one music starts to play, and I ask to her if the

music that is playing, is our music. She gets some minutes to think and

then she starts to sing.

- Speak to me… Read my mind… – She takes my hand.

- Mn-Mnn, you remember the song.

- And I'll be yours, just give me time… It is “can’t stop” by

Mozella? Right?

- Yeah… You have a good memory.

- Oh baby. I love this music. We were in the wedding of Sergio’s


- Yeah, you were beautiful, and I asked to you for a dance.

- Yes, I remember this part. – She is ironic.

- Why you said that way?

She laughs before says – Honey, you stepped on my foot about ten

times before the chorus.

- I don’t remember that. – I know that I was terrible with dance,

but, not too much as she guessing.

- Well, I remember talking to myself “o gosh, why Sergio wants me

to dance with him, he dances very badly. But okay, since I am

here, let’s see what will happen”. And… here we are.

- I didn’t like that.

- Oh love, you don’t know dance. You know that. – She laughs.

- But I wasn’t that horrible.

- Stop thinking about it. You know what, I saw some girls jealous,

and I thought “Well, maybe he is a good match.” Then, you didn’t

take one week to ask me to go out.

- I don’t believe that you thought I was a badly dancer.

She just laughs.

- Hey, come on. You could manager lovely that night.

- But I didn’t dance so well.

- You are unbelievable. You will sleep thinking about it. Maybe

tomorrow you will look to a dance school. – She laughs in every

word she says. - Hey… look to me!

- Am-am.

- I was waiting for you all night. You were facing me and I was

thinking “when he is coming to me”. I’ve stopped looking at you

for a moment, but, you don’t.

- You were the most beautiful women on there.

- Stop lying.

- I am really serious.

She just look to me lovely.

- You know… - She look around – I didn’t know that here has

background songs. When we met here, didn’t have, or had?

- Yeah, is awesome right? Actually! Did not have.

- What do you mean?

- Mean what?

- Oh really, was you that… - She did again her expression of


- No, no, no. No way. I was here two weeks ago, and I’ve just

knew that. – She thought that I had the restaurant has a

background music just for us.

- Hunn… So, why you came here weeks ago? And with who? – Stella

has the best expressions of all. Sometimes I like to make her

jealous, just to I fall in love even more.

- I was with some coworkers.

She was thinking in something before said - I think that you forget to say… some beautiful, elegant flight attendant – And I just smiled.

I like when she acted that way. She is very confident, but sometimes

she lets her (guarda) down.

- Well, they are my coworkers too. - I said that with a little


She stops smile and her faces is a little serious now.

- I didn’t like to know this.

- Oh honey, do really you believe that I was here with some girls?

– She is very jealous now, and I don’t know if I continue do

this or I get this chance that she is looking serious to me to

say about my feelings. The music “I Will by Mozella” starts to

play. I’ve shared her favorite playlist with the bartender.

And… I think now is the perfect moment.

- I don’t know! It is possible, right? – She shrugs.

I take some moment to breath, I look in her eyes and I said – I

love you.

I never told that before to her. I don’t know why I decided to say

that in this moment, but I thought that was the best way to change of

this conversation.

Now she is silent, she does not say anything. She is just looking

to me. But her expression is good, and I saw her cheekbone getting

pink. She looks down your nose upon to me. And gentle manner, friendly,

enthusiastic, different she can answer me without that she says love

me too.

- You are really very good!

- Why…? – I just asked “why” because I want to hear more. I know

that is very difficult to snatch sweet words out of her. But

the moment is perfect for that.

- Why…? You managed this so well. Do you know that I am detective

and I can describe everything about the last week, right?

- I am seriously. I love you.

She seems scared now. And I am wondering if I said that, it was

good. I know what I fell about her. I don’t have a doubt. But she said

to me one month ago that she is leaving. But I am a pilot and I don’t

worry if she will live in another city. This is not a problem. But

maybe she is getting my words of way different that I want to share to


- Kurtz…

- Listen, I know that you are moving. But I didn’t say that

because I am scared what’s goanna happens with our life. I love

you because before you, I was in a journey to find my “meaning

life” and… I found it in you.

Stella is just listening. I can see how she is feeling. I know that

to say these words to someone is a big step and has a power to change

the life. I know that, but I toke this decision because I am thinking

about that for six month and I can’t to wait anymore. I didn’t say a

simple word and she knows that.

- You know what more, when I am with you… it is like the moment

that I can see the sunrise when I am flying. And I know that I

won’t to fly forever, but I want to have moments like that in

my whole life.

I want to get married with her, but now I don’t know if this is the

best moment for ask. She seems scared. Somethings are confused in her

minds because she didn’t tell anything. And I don’t know if I continue sharing my feelings.

- So, can we find another place to talk?

- Yes, sure! Just let me pay the bill and I need to use the


I stood up to go the bathroom and then I felt her warms hands

holding my hand and I saw passion in her face.

- Kurtz - She looks me lovely. - You know that I have a hard job

and… having you around me when I am in home… makes it a little

easier. And I’ve gotten used to you in my day life and… I don’t

know if I am prepared for following a life without you. But I

need to go. And one day… I will make my family and I hope to

make it with you. I want to tell a lot of things, but I can’t.

The only thing that I can tell you is that.

I am not disappointed with her words. For me it was enough to

understand that I am right about her. She was very lovely in saying

that to me. I just agreed with a kiss.

In the bathroom I was thinking if I should ask to her tonight. We

wouldn’t need to get married soon. But the proposal would swear how I

love her. And I toke the decision to myself “I will ask her tonight”.

In direction of the bar, I can see all people scared and I hear

some screams. I look for Stella, and the chair is empty. I don’t know

what is happening, but I hear the second time some screams and I

realized that is Stella.

- Kurtz…! Kurtz… Help me!

No believing what is happening, I leave towards the door, without

looking forward. I see three man’s holding her and they are trying to

putt her inside the car.

- Hey, you! Call the police right now!!! – I said that to

bartender before I bump into the waiter and the glasses down.

I said “sorry”, and I run towards the door.

But was late, the car leaves, and the only thing that I can see is

a black bag on her head.

It was a kidnapping.

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