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This won't be like the usual adventure sam and max will go on and this story will unlock the things that will make us think more. Twitter @call_me_JJ_16 Intagram Call_me_jj_15

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“Wait, wait wait so you’re telling me that you came from a different dimension to hunt down the man who tried to kill you years ago and you tracked him down to here?” Sam asks. “Uh yes that is basically the short and long of my story” the person says. “And what did you say your name was?” Mike asks. “Oh my name well don’t freak out but my name is saaa-(the world goes slow and max’s eyes widened as the person says their name)m, sam klaudas and it’s very nice to meet you all” “wow your sam, like the one next to you?” “Yes, practically identical but except I'm older and I'm a girl and that one is a boy and well.... I also have this.” Sam says showing her robotic claw “Wait, how did you know that Sam is a boy?” Josh asks sam. “Oh come on, almost everyone knows your stories...well they did until that fateful day.” “Wait, what happened that day?” Sam asks. “It’s a very touchy subject for me. I'll tell you about it later but now we need to leave considering this isn't the right dimension because your max isn’t very hostile thus making him not the person we are looking for” “wait i’m sorry leave?” Mike asks. “Yes i must report back that i found a bunch of identicals back at the base” older sam gets up and walks to a wall in the living room she hits the wall and an abyssal rift is made and says “well what are you waiting for let's go chop, chop” the group gets up and walks towards the rift-like abyss sam touches it and says “oh my gosh it feels so weird” they walk into the abyss and it’s very cold and dark mike then asks older sam “so like can you tell us you’re evil? because last time we were in a void we got tricked and the voice turned out to be evil and tried to kill us” “don’t worry mike you guys are safe i promise cross my heart hope to die i will never ever, ever betray my friends and believe me you’re not the only one who’s been betrayed before” older sam looks back at max. Another end to the abyss a light can be seen. They go to the light and through it they can see a bunch of trees everywhere, abandoned houses filled with plantation josh then asks “what happened here?” “I don’t know, it was like this when we got here. I guess this dimension didn’t survive the attack but most of the lifeforms did like some trees and bugs” “Wait, you mean you aren't from here?” Sam asks. “No, i was brought here barely alive and i found a garage and started working and- *ahem* aaaaannnddd- oh look here we are home sweet home” they all see a garage filled with weird gadgets and contraptions but one thing that catches mike’s eye is a tube that‘s empty they all enter the garage and sam walks up to the gadgets and looks at them closely but creeping in the shadows a figure walks towards him sam hears a faint thump of wood falling over sam is very skeptical of the situation then older sam starts to shout out loud “HEY J WHERE ARE YOU WE GOT SOME VISITORS, gosh dammit where did he go?” then sam screams “aaaaaaah what the hell” they all run to sam and see him and he says “what the hell is that thing” “th-th-thing gzzt* oh come on sam now th-that's bzzt* insulting to m-me” “oh there you are, now what are you doing?” “I'm working th-that’s what i’m doing” the person says. “Oh sorry i forgot to introduce him, well that ‘thing’ is my friend JJ, he’s not so bad” older sam says. “I was working gzzt* until th-this one r-right here had to disturb me bzzt*” “Hey i was just looking, you’re lucky because i could have toasted you, clanker” “oh woah looks like someone pulled out the big words *bah* you’re not scary sam you’re the least scariest person in your group” “JJ don’t you’re hurting sam’s feelings” “oh yeah you ain’t so scary either so why don’t you shut up you walking TRASH CAN!!!” “Oh no my poor wittle feewings oh I'm hurt, oh ho ho heh hahaha that doesn’t phase me sam oh and you want to know why *gasp* oh because oops I'm a robot I'm immortal” “ok THAT’S ENOUGH!!!” older sam shouts pushing a shockwave of energy. “Ok... i’m sorry sam” JJ apologies to sam. “Wait, why are you scared of that sam but not this one?” Josh asks. “Because i respect my friend she was the one who brought me back into the physical form and i’m not ruining the chances of our friendship” “ok well we have to prepare for the next multiverse travel to eliminate the dangerous max from earth sector c-6071b” “i’m sorry prepare? i’m sure we are prepared enough” max says. “Alright then, take it to the ring if you’re so prepared,” older Sam says. “Wait ring?” Mike asks shakely. “Welcome to the ring where you battle your recent enemies, so please step inside and the battle will begin shortly” sam, max, mike, and josh step inside the ring and the floor starts to shake and in front of them is thorus “ahahaha i’m baaack and it’s time for my revenge” thorus says. Mike steps back slowly and says “no, no, no, no, no, nope, nope, nope, nope i am not doing this let me out” “sorry mike but you said that you were prepared does that mean you guys *sarcastic gasp* are liars, don’t worry you guys beat him before which means you can beat him again, you’ll be fine i put him on easy” thorus brings out the sword and is in a fighting stance the ring goes silent. Then thorus charges at them with superhuman speed he takes a swing but sam blocks the attack, then pushes him. Thorus’s balance is thrown off and josh throws a lightning bolt at him, thorus focuses on josh then max throws a fireball and burns him with a fire blast, josh then joins in by electrocuting him mike then gets the courage and hits him with the wind and blows thorus back he falls over knocking the sword out of his hand, sam was about to grab his sword but mike grabs the sword then jumps on thorus and stabs him in the gut with blackened eyes and then continues to stab him repeatedly over and over until thorus takes his last breath everyone stares at mike with a shocked expression on their faces. Mike turns around his eyes going back to normal and says “what, It's over isn't it?” older Sam laughs and says “heh over? oh no that wasn't all there was, you still have to battle him” behind older Sam is a twitching figure standing still. Then the figure jumps into the ring and says “iiiiits JJ time!!!” JJ twitches and slowly turns to the group. Josh looks at older Sam and says “ha really... this is our final battle, c’mon i would rather battle a-” as josh continues to talk JJ’s head twists and his body turns in impossible directions then his body starts to expand wires turn into metal tentacles his body gets slim and taller “-and you know what i bet we can beat him with our eyes closed” josh turns around and looks at JJ with a terrified expression he then says “holy shit what the hell happened to him?” JJ towers over them, then with a terrifying screech starts to attack, wires flying everywhere everyone starts to evade his attacks but can’t even get close to him then JJ grabs a hold of josh and holds him up to his face and says “j-josh i t-thought you s-said you c-can beat me w-with your eyes CLOSED?” JJ opens his mouth preparing to eat, but then Max throws a fireball and stops JJ. then JJ gets mad and goes faster at his attacks and in one fast *whoosh* He grabs everyone. He opens his mouth wide and swallows them in one gulp. Down inside JJ is a white void. Confused Mike says “ok first of all i just want to say. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, THE DUDE TURNED EFFING HUGE AND SWALLOWED US WHOLE I-I-I-i need a minute process what just happend” mike turns away and cradles into a fetal position shocked. Max goes to comfort him with a hug, then slowly he calms down. Josh goes to Sam and says “heeeeeeeey how's it going?” “Josh, let me ask you something?” “um yeah sure what’s up?” “I've been watching Max and is it me or does it look like Max doesn’t trust the other Sam, because he looks at her with this dead stare of distrust” Josh looks back at Max and says to Sam “yeah, he has been looking odd around the other sam but we should continue to monitor him” then the void starts to warp and turn, until sam wakes up on a mattress in the garage. Sam gets up and walks out of the garage into the bright sunlight he hears a mechanical humming sound Sam looks around a corner and sees JJ holding a strange gun-like device he turns to face Sam but sam in time quickly turns away. Sam looks back but JJ isn’t there. Sam turns back, then hanging above him is JJ suspended upside down and he says “what are you doing?” Sam flinches out of fright and tries to scream but JJ blocks his mouth with his claw hand. He puts his finger up to his lips and says “ssSssh y-you wouldn’t want to w-wake the others u-up n-now would you?” Sam shakes his head no “goooood, now what are you doing here?” sam answers JJ “i was just looking and, an-” JJ shushes sam by putting his hand to his mouth and says “i-it’s okey sam, c’mere let me show you something” JJ grabs sam covering his eyes and walks him to a piece of land and sam says “you know i can see through your hands right?” “ah, ah, ahhh, no peeking” sam is stood in front of a place that looks like a shooting range JJ opens his hands and says “well h-here we are the testing zone, this is where we test our weapons and gadgets” JJ walks over to a spot and picks up a gadget and says “hey uh you wanna test this for me?” Sam looks unsure but says “yeah, sure, ok, so what do you need me to do?” JJ points the gadget at him and says “jjjjjjuuuuust stay right there” sam is shocked and covers his face then *zzzap* sam gets zapped and feels every bone and cell of his body changing sam falls to the floor catching himself, he throws up, then looks at his hands and his hands aren’t hands anymore they're paw-like sam thinks he’s hallucinating he looks at JJ and JJ has a shocked expression JJ puts the gadget down and says “um s-sam don’t get mad b-but you don’t look like yourself, anymore” sam looks at JJ with a confused look JJ says “wait stay there” JJ runs to the garage he opens it slightly he sticks his claw inside and grabs a piece of a broken mirror he runs back and slowly puts it down in front of sam, sam crawls to the mirror piece picks it up looks into it and he is shocked the built up fear from sam makes him scream “AAAAAAAAAAHHHH, w-wha-what did you do to me i’m, i’m a-” josh runs around the corner and says “holy mother of yo-your f-” mike looks and says “fluffy” sam starts panicking and max says “what the fff- how did this happen?” JJ says back to him “we were just testing out the gadgets here a-an-and-” panicking Sam asks “h-how do we reverse it???” “um let me try this'' JJ presses another button and shoots the gadget at sam, but this seems to make sam even fluffier and then sam feels something touch her butt and says “oh my god what the hell is that?” Sam looks around him and sees a fluffy tail. Josh tries to lighten the mood and says “Um Sam, I know this seems like a reeeeeaaaalllly bad time but, um can I touch your tail? I'm sorry I just can’t resist?” Sam looks at Josh and says “NOT RIGHT NOW CAN’T YOU SEE WE’RE TRYING TO FIX THIS!!!” Josh backs away and JJ says “oh I see now we're missing a component, well it looks like we are going to have to get it. I'll call Sam and I will tell her we’re going on an adventure” max looks back and says “Wait, I'm sorry we?” “oh yes we are going to get the part ourselves unless sam is ok with being a uh, um damn, what’s the word... oh... a furry?” Sam gets up quickly and says “ok lets go, this doesn’t feel right, lets go” JJ walks to the garage and sam says to him “where are you going?” in a second JJ returns with a backpack, and three large briefcases, JJ walks forward and says “ok, adventure here we come”

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