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Most times I really have difficulty telling the truth about how I feel so... Hear it goes

Most of the time most days I feel nothing I don’t feel anything it’s just so boring I wake up and I think again really, I have to do this again and really what I don’t understand is how come everybody else isn’t screwed with boredom I just try to find ways just to feel something something more and more and more.. it doesn’t make any difference no matter what I do I don’t feel anything. I hurt myself it doesn’t hurt I buy what I want I don’t want it. I do what I like I don’t like it I’m just so bored...

The longer you lock yourself away from your feelings your personality your soul...the more you keep it bottled the more your eyes will just empty and your soul goes right in.

Just try to tell the truth just talk to someone you maybe surprised about the fact that you’re not the only one that’s felt this way. Not feeling in control of your life.

Maybe repeating the same thing again and again as boring as it is but it seems routine is good for your mental health but if you can’t find routine it makes you feel un-normal

When you see those that seem to get on with the normal usual day to day life so effortlessly.

maybe we all feel the same at some times in life we all just cope in a different way's....

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