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We all know the story of this struggling planet . Are we criminals ? Can we solve this situation? Read my book nurture nature to know more about it

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Kısa Hikaye
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Climate change

“Nature is a gift so let’s not destroy it rather let’s consider it as a surprise .” Climate change a serious phenomenon which is dangerous for us . It is toxic and why don’t you all understand the gravity of the situation. instead of being involved in mutual rivalries why don’t we work together and combat climate change . The ways are really easy . You just need to follow few simple things . I understand for most people eating non veg is like spiritual but for those whom it’s not let’s not destroy our biodiversity . Another thing is shop local which we can easily do and see guys you just need to be more sustainable . Believing that environmentalists like Greta thunberg can alone save you is wrong . Just a simple thing is there plant more trees . Afforestation is the only solution .

I hope you guys understand and like my book .

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