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A teenage girl named Alya. She and her friend Chloe fight for their town and people. They hide their identities. Little does Alya know her best friend is the holder of the gold heart

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My Golden Heart

It all began at school she was just in class drawing like she always do after class she went to a art store to buy some color pencils markers anything then she found gold color pencils she was super happy because she loved gold and it was cheap so she bought it went to lunch and drew with them she sketched it and colored it in but her bully zoe made fun of her art like always so she went to the bathroom and drew there 10 minutes later she was done with the art and it started glowing she didn't scream bc what if it was supposed to do that and she took it home and called her friend "hey come over here I think something is wrong with my color pencils" she said and her friend came over "I'm here so let me see the pencils" said chloe she gave them to her and looked at them suspiciously her friend smiled and cried happy tears she almost screamed and hugged her "it's you it's really you!" she said she was so confused and said "what do you mean?" "you chose it so it chose you" she said she gave her a necklace that was made of real gold "it's your's now put it on" she said and she put it on and it was so shiny it almost blinded her "kids what's going on" her mom asked "nothing mom we're fine!" she said then a golden heart appeared in her hands and she said "a golden heart?" then billions and billions of gold went in her and she had a gold crown a golden dress shoes gloves and her hair was like a shine of a gold brick and landed and looked confused but her friend held her hand and gave her a gold heart "keep it Incase i'm gone" she said she was very upset and said "your not gonna die silly" and then she handed the gold heart back to her "b-but I may die and you know it" then alyas mom came and knocked on alya's door "alya dear come downstairs you'll miss your favorite show!" she said alya said "wanna watch the show with me?" "you bet I will" Chloe said and she went to watch their favorite show but the news came up saying there I a very huge robbery and the police can't stop them alya was worried that she may need to save people but she can't tell her mom so she had a plan she built a robot that looked like her and transformed into her hero outfit and went to stop the robbery and then Zoe screamed "HELP HELP SOMEBODY HELP!!!" alya heard the screams and ran so fast she was faster than Sonic and she helped Zoe "thank you uhhhh what's your name?" Zoe ask and alya said "my name is....Golden Princess!" and ran to the robbers they had no mask on they only had a scarf on she took it off and realized that her dad was the leader of this robbery "huh?! da- I mean sir what are you doing here?!" she ask and he ask "do I know you?" she shook her head no "I'm Golden Princess and....I helped your daughter!" her dad was in shock and almost past out he told his crew to stop and put the stuff back her dad got home "where were you?!" asked Chloe and alya said "I kinda saved the town from being robbed" Chloe hugged alya "great job alya" she said she detransformed and watched her show with Chloe and her mom and dad.

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