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Two friends go on another adventure but this adventure would change their lives forever. Questions will rise and more will be made soon to come in the nearing future. Contact info: [email protected] Twitter: @call_me_JJ_16 Instagram: call_me_JJ_15

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It was a nice summer day when Max and Sam were getting ready for their adventure. “So do we have everything.?” Sam asks. To which Max replies “Yes, this should be everything we need for our new adventure,” Sam then asks “So what adventure are we going on today.?” Max pondered and thought very hard and then said “How about the mysterious island, n-no the haunted pirate ship Wait, what about the hidden forest with mountains that define the laws of gravity and lava that is cold and caves with mysterious beings.?” Sam then replied, “Nah it’s too cliche to do the island and didn't we do the pirate ship last time, wait a minute did you say The hidden forest?”

“Yes, ThE hIdDeN fOrEsT OoOoOoOoO,” Max says in a joking tone. “Well, what are we waiting for, let's go,” Sam says excitedly, grabbing Max's wrist. Then Max stops and says “We can't, we don’t even have a map to find the hidden forest,” Max says. Then Sam grabs Max's hand again and says “Follow me I have an idea, remember my great great great great great grandfather has a room of maps in my attic we can start there," Sam says. So they both go to Sam’s house They open the attic door and a cold dark aura moves around them "Brrrt* I'll never get used to that" Max says, but as they make their way into the attic. They see the small room in which Sam's great-grandfather collected maps. They go into the small room and a light turns on and they are met with an uneasy feeling now they are in a room filled with nothing but maps and filing cabinets.

“How are we gonna find the map now.?” Max asks Sam. “Ok, now all we have to do is look around for a map,” “How are we gonna know what the map looks like? It's a hidden forest for crying out loud,” Max says frustratedly. “We'll know when we find it, just look for a map that we’ve never seen before,” so they both look for a map they haven’t seen before they searched for hours on no end. Max was about to give up so he sat on the desk in the room and said “Well we tried no luck I guess we have to choose another adven…” Max falls and hits a hole into the window in front of the desk the sunlight shines into a pair of glasses and another until it stops at a weird small door-like wall, behind a cabinet Max and Sam look at each other and move the cabinet over they see a door in the wall, sam opens the door then.

The door comes swinging open. Through the door, they are met with another room but smaller and a box in the room they bring out the box and open it and find themselves face to face with three maps with three different locations on them. “Well, I guess we found our map but which one.?” Max says. “I don’t know, “ Sam said, confused. “Look,” Max says as he points to a strange symbol on the corner of the map. These symbols were roman numerals and they are on all of them. So they take the maps and put them in their backpacks. Before leaving the house Sam sees a mysterious journal he takes it and says “This might come in handy” and then they leave the house. “We still need a bus ticket,” Max says. “Hidden forest adventure here we come,” says Sam. They get on the bus to the destination they need to go to. The ride took two days to get across the country out to the docks.

Now they are in Florida at the docks next to the sea looking for a boat to take them. They ask a man with a sailboat and say “Excuse us sir but can we use your boat to get here.” Max points to the coordinates on the map. “Well I've never seen this place before but, sure I can get you there, just climb aboard'' they get on the boat and the man puts the coordinates into his GPS. The GPS glitches and he smacks it twice while saying “C’mon work dammit” he smacks it one last time then it works. “Finally now let’s get moving” so they sail away from the shore until they can’t see it. The man walks up to them and says “Boys I’m not sure we have officially met, I’m Buck my friends call me Bucky and these are my son’s josh and Mike say hi boys” The boys answer “Hey” “H-hi”, max looks at mike and says “oh hello” then sam says to them “oh well it’s very Nice to meet you both but we have some work to do,” sam grabs max and they walk away buck walks with them and says “ judging by how far the location is it looks like we won’t reach your destinations until Friday,” sam then says to himself “That's fine, it’s only two days away just on schedule,” “Well, we are going to get some shut-eye. We'll see you boys tomorrow,” Buck says then he walks away.

But the boys Josh and Mike weren't asleep. They sneak out of their rooms to find out who their mysterious guests were. As they are walking down the hallway of the boat, Mike says “Don’t you think we are going to get in trouble for this.?” Josh then whispers back “No because don’t you think it’s weird that two new people come on our boat and not give us their names?” “not really, I mean you gotta at least respect their privacy don’t you think?” In the room where Sam and Max were staying they were studying the map when they heard the lock jiggle, Sam whispers to Max “Get behind the door, and when I give you the signal to close it you close it ok?” Max puts a thumbs up, the door opens and Sam is sitting at a desk in the room pretending to not hear the door opening. The boys Mike and Josh walk slowly to Sam, Sam then says in a menacing voice while turning around in his chair “We’ve been expecting you.” The door closes shut the boys are terrified.

The boys Mike and Josh stare at both of them with terrified looks on their faces. scared to move so Mike says “What do you want from us?” Then Sam and Max look at each other and know what to say Max and Sam both say in a deep raspy voice “Your soul” then mike and Josh faint from fear. Sam and Max grab them before they hit the floor then max says in a terrified voice “Did we kill them oh my gosh we killed them” then sam says to Max “We didn’t kill them chill out they just fainted here Help me put them on the beds” so max and sam put the two boys on the beds and they continue studying the map for the entrance to the hidden forest then, daytime comes, max and sam explain what happened to the dad and he just laughs it off.

Two hours go by, and Mike and Josh wake up to Max and Sam watching them. Mike says “What are you gonna do to us?” Then Sam says “Wow that was a joke we didn’t expect you guys to faint” “Oh. is that what happened.?” Max says “Yep, that’s what happened,” then Sam asks “anyways what were you doing in our room?” the boys look at each other embarrassed “We-” before josh could answer mike says “nope just you,” josh says “ok I thought you guys were like dangerous to us because you know, you didn’t give us your names,” sam says “is that what you wanted our names bruh you could have just asked us,” max then says to them walking in front of sam “Anyways my name is Max and he’s Sam,” mike the asks “So are you two like-” before mike could say, Max interrupts “no-no nope we are friends, just friends going on an adventure.”

Josh asks “Adventure?” Mike says, “What kind of adventure?” “Well we can’t say because we-,” “We are going on an adventure to a hidden forest,” Sam interrupts, not letting Max Finish talk. “Woah,” Mike and Josh say in excitement. “Yes Woah indeed, the hidden forest with mountains that don’t follow the laws of gravity, lava that is cold, and caves with mysterious beings hidden within the darkness.” “Can we come with you?” Mike asks, “Unfortunately you cannot, it is too dangerous for you two,” Sam says. “But how is it safe for you to go? you don't even know what you're looking for.” Josh says. Max then replies “Touche” “but you guys still can’t come with us because-” BOOM* a loud bang is heard, then Buck says “Uhh hey guys you might want to see this”, they all come outside and they see a big storm heading their way before anyone can say anything in a split second, a flash of disaster struck with a loud BOOM!!! No one can hear anything then everyone fell and became unconscious when they woke up to a big crash and a loud crunch was made.

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