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please read full description STORY CONTAINS LEMON READ AT YOUR OWN RISK taken from a roleplay i did grammar will be sloppy

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"join us shoto help us make it right" what he said wasnt a request demand nor offer more of a statement. "But..." Is all he says. He remains silent afterwards.toga pops up literally outta nowhere and gasps while dabi groans "OH MY GOD YOU CAUGHT SHOUCHAN?! I CALL FIRST DIBS OF TORTURING HIM!!" [dabi]"im recruiting him back off crazy" she pouts "but-" [dabi]"NO BUTS" "but i wanna taste his blood" she whines but dabi glares so she sticks her tongue out at him and goes to sulk. Shoto, still shell shocked, falls backwards and lands on his butt. "Dabi... No, b-brother..." He stammers. he looks at you "what?" he asks not rudely but irritably. he lowers his head "sorry what is it?" "I..." He shakes his head. "I'll go with you... F-for now..." "good lets go tomura is impatient and dont let toga bug you she is an unstoppable force" he helps you up and you both go through a warp gate. He nods nervously, standing and following in dabi's footsteps. [shiggy]"good job dabi he will be useful like the bird" dabi instantly looks pissed making twice And toga laugh mr compress ignores all of them [toga/me]" if hes a member i wont try to torture him but i do wanna work with him" [dabi]"crazy..." his voice is a warning [shiggy] "ENOUGH toga you will work with him as dabi works with the bird hero" [toga]"fineeee" I nod silently, not wanting to try my luck yet with shiggy. [toga] YAY, lets go shouchan!!" i drag you out of the hideout "sooo where do ya wanna go? i dont really care as long as we get away from dabi before he kills me" i state bluntly. "Um, i... I don't know." I stutter. "Anywhere's ok. We could just... Wander around..." "oki, honestly being hyper all the time gets exaughsting after a while and when you stop people think somethings wrong with you thats not the case im just tired" you get the feeling im not as psycho as i seem. "Oh... Um..." Shoto mumbles. i continue walking slowly until we reach a store with shiny stuff i stop and look at the things when i see a snow globe a single tear falls out of my eye. "Toga, are you okay? Do you want that snow globe?" He asks, oblivious as usual. "i had one just like that when i was a little girl but it was sold i want to see the bottom of it" "Come on then." He says, pulling one of Endeavors credit cards out of his pocket. "If it's the one, we'll grab it." "really?" i ask as i follow you inside. "Yep. I'm always looking for ways to spend my dads money." He says as he steps over to the globe and grabs it carefully, handing it to her. i tip it over and immediately star tearing up "those are my initials this was mine i thought it was gone" i wind a piece at the bottom and it starts playing a song. He smiles, taking it gently. "Give me a second, i'll go buy it back." i hug you tightly. He jumps slightly in surprise. "Your welcome toga. Take good care of it." "We should get going. Come on, we could get something to eat." "ooh soba" i say randomly. "Soba? I know a great soba place, come on!" After lunch, which he payed for, "what do you want to do next, Toga?" "i wanna kill someone" i start pouting. "O-oh... U-u-um..." Shoto doesn't really know how to respond. "Th-then, um... You go track someone down a-and I'll keep watch..." "no shiggy told me i kill to much" "Well... He doesn't have to find out about this time..." "u sure you were training to be a hero just yesterday?" "All i said i was gonna do was make sure no one found you. And besides, if i was worried about being a hero I wouldn't be here with you." "oki!" i get exited and basically disapear what i wouldnt admit is that i had to get away from him i thought i was attracted to deku but damn why is he so hot and his cold personality gah! i cant be falling for him i swore id never fall for anyone. but then why do i get like this around him. He follows loosely behind her, staying just close enough to keep her in sight. the first person i see is my target an oddly beautiful female. i lick my blade "TIME TO DIE BITCH" i attack her and get all my frustrations out on her corpse when im done i stand "how disapointing you looked so tasty but you werent" *hes watching me and i like it WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!* He stares in a strange state of aw, though he doesn't quite know why. i smirk and my body starts moving despite the argument my mind is making i start walking towards you with an evil glint in my eyes the sane side of me gives up and just lets whatever's gonna happen happen. when i reach you i ask "did you like that shouchan?" A light blush envelopes my face. "U-u-um... I... I... D-don't know..." "yes you do dont lie to me shouchan" i giggle. His heart starts beating faster. Being the oblivious frick he is, he doesn't understand what's going on. "T-toga..." "shhhhh its alright shouchan lets go home" i start to drag you to my apartment. He trails after her quietly, holding a hand to his chest to feel his heartbeat. when we enter you observe that it is roomy and comfortable. "shouchan? dont just stand there come in" "now" i command. He walks in hurriedly and shuts the door behind him. i walk over to him "you are so hot you know that" "Hot? Do I really feel that hot...?" He murmurs obliviously. "no dummy you Look hot" "Look..." Between being overly flustered and generally oblivious, his brain seems to have near short-circuited. totally taking advantage of his condition totally taking advantage of his condition i pull his head down just enough for me to kiss him. A shiver runs through his body, and you can almost see the steam blowing off his head. i pull back "get it now?" *he really is cute when he's oblivious* He slides down and sits on the floor unevenly, though he is unable of forming words. i back off to give you a second muttering " i knew it was too soon to try anything curses!" but you hear it. "E-eh..." I mutter. " th-that... Was new... But... Um..." He trails off, nervous to finish his sentence. "but, what?" i ask nervously afraid of what he might say. Quietly, he finished. "That was... Nice..." i blink a couple of times "it was. and uh sorry i shouldve asked but i cant control myself right now and i dont know why my body reacts to you in a completely different way" He shrugs, still trying to calm down. "I dunno..." "and somehow i feel guilty. i know your way outta my league but i cant help but want you. ARGH! its so frustrating" "Well... Um... I don't really have my eye on anyone else... I've never really even though about romance, but... I, erm... Suppose you are kind of cute..." "w-w-what are you saying?" im blushing extremely hard. His eyes widen. "Did... I say that out loud?" He covers his face with his hands and turns off to the side. i give up fighting it "shoto i like you" i move your face so i can kiss you again but this time more needy. He sits there nervously, the thoughts of 'oh god, this is happening, what if i screw it up!' Rush into his head. i pull back just enough to whisper "relax" before i kiss you again. It takes him a minute, but he slowly eases into the kiss, the evil thoughts just whispers in the back of his mind. i sit myself in your lap and wrap my arms around your neck. Shoto turns an even darker shade of red, unsure of where to put his hands, so he leaves them planted on the floor. i pull away for air and start muttering things like "its okay. stop thinking. let your instincts control you" He breathes heavily, moving his hands up and putting them on her hips. He stares into her eyes, his gaze having become soft. i lean forward "you can do whatever you want with me" He shakes his head. "Himi-san.." He says softly, biting his lip. "shhh what is it?" He leans forward and kisses her neck. i moan softly. He bites her softly. i lead you to my room where there is a queen sized bed and kiss you fiercely. He wraps his arms around her. "please dont stop~" i damn near beg. He moves his head down and kisses and bites her neck. my fingers slide up into your hair and i moan a little bit. He slowly works her shirt off, rubbing her sides. He continues to kiss her hungrily. i work my way down the buttons of your shirt one by one finally getting it off i had to sit back and admire for a second before i went back to kissing you. He moves you back a bit and moves his head down to kiss around your chest. i throw my head back a little and moan. He reaches around and works your bra off gently, kissing your collarbone. i throw you onto the bed and straddle your lap. Shoto lets out a soft moan, placing his hands on your thighs. "Mmm~" i lick your neck and you can feel my teeth just before i nip at it. "M-mm.." He groans, rubbing your legs. "M-mm.." noticing that i knock you onto your back and take off your belt. Shoto takes one of your hands, kissing it deeply. i slowly slip my skirt off so now im just in my underwear. Todoroki stares for a second like a moron, his whole face bright red, making it look the same color as his scar. i giggle then slowly start undoing your pants as if waiting for a reaction. He flicks his eyes around the room nervously, not wanting to look at her. "dont be ashamed" i say softly while removing his pants. "I... I... V'never done this... Before..." "thats okay just trust me okay?" He nods. "Okay... Himi-san..." first i remove your underwear then remove my own for a second i kinda sit there as i see its size then i start to lick it. Shoto moans quietly, biting his lip. "let me hear your voice shoto" i massage your glans while saying that then i take your entire volume into my mouth and start to suck on it. "Aha~!" Shoto yelps. "M-mngh... H-himi-san..." "you like that?" i ask and then continue. "Y-yes..." He moans, biting his lip. i stop and look him in the eyes with a passionate flame then kiss him. Shoto moans into the kiss, his expression melting into lust and pleasure. i guide your member to my entrance "ready?" "M-mhm..." i lower my body slowly and gasp "oh god"
"M-mngh..." i adjust soon and start to move up and down slowly. Shoto moans softly as she moves. i start to move faster while taking my hair down. "Himi... You're hair's... So pretty..." Mmm~ is all i could manage. Shoto moans harder, putting his hands on her hips."g-g-gah" i lean forward and kiss you. He kisses back, putting all his lust into it. Shoto has taken to moaning your name softly repeatedly.
"shou-kun!!" i moan loudly just before my climax. "M-mngh~!" i use basically whats left of my strength to crawl off of you but i quickly land next to you i lay my head on your chest. He wraps his arm around your shoulder, panting softly. "C-christ..." while half asleep i unconsiously mutter "i love you shoto" "I... Love you too... Himiko..."


alright folks thats all the grammar is choppy because i made this from a Roleplay so please dont judge


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