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Believe in yourself

I was once in a huge scaring place whereby everyone was laughing at me saying I won't be able to pass though that darkness .. But I believed in myself and I prayed so hard each and every day to see myself out of that scaring place .

One day someone called me aside and she told me that this is not the end of the world , you could make it in life and active everything you want . I thought that Lady was lying to me because I had a low self esteem within myself . Later that day I was called for an induction at some school .. I was happy and I didn't know what what to do but because I believed in myself .. I did went to that induction and I was accepted ..

All am saying is BELIEVE in yourself and never give up in what you are doing

18 Eylül 2021 12:40:20 0 Rapor Yerleştirmek Hikayeyi takip edin
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