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❝A child has stolen a small piece of cake from the counter.... It seems that no one has taught him not to steal.❞ Rating +17 All rights reserved. © Completely original story. ® Copying, translation or adaptation of any kind without permission is strictly prohibited. This story may contain material unsuitable for sensitive persons, such as violent acts, provocative dialogue or narrative, foul language and homosexual content.

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⁰¹ ❝The Locals❞

Intro: 01 : Locals should never eat


Premises conform to the law.

Locals should shut up.

The locals know everything.

Locals don't care because it generates money for the small development.

The locals don't eat the cakes.

"They know what happens if they eat them."

The locals should never eat, should never eat and should never eat of those cakes because.... Sometimes mistakes are more expensive than you think.


This story is rated +17

Well, I won't make specifics because if you're here, it's because you've already read the warnings in the synopsis.

Also, the age rating is not for decoration.

If you have a comparison of this story to any other, please save your comments, it's awkward when you write "this looks like __" thanks.

If you don't like the reading, you are free to leave whenever you want, no one is forcing you to stay in this space.

Copying, translation or adaptation of any kind is completely forbidden.

As you read in the title, this story is Vkook no Kookv.

Totally original history®

All rights reserved©

© -_holland |The Bakery |2021®

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