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Once, on her way to Anjana Mol School, she heard a screaming "Bow Bow" from a box next to a closed shop on Market Street.She saw in it a baby dog ​​that had been bitten by ants all over the place.Her sympathetic mind would not allow her to leave it there.She took it to school with her teacher looking for ways to treat it.But what happened was the opposite of what she thought, and her teacher scolded her and told her to leave the dog.Her mind would not allow it, so she lied to the teacher that she had thrown it away and left it as it was outside the gate outside the school. She took it home and told her mother to leave it too. She put it in the north of the house without her mother knowing.Anjanamol tried to dry the puppy's wounds as hard as she could. She also gave it rice and curries and milk and eggs.Once when the puppy came down with her from the north, her mother came to see it, and she tells it was the same puppy she had brought that day, and let her raise it there.Then her mother argued at first but then agreed. By then, the puppy was in harmony with anjana's mother. She named the dog Motu.When Anjana went to school a few days later, the dog would go with her half way. Once she was hit by a car on the way and the driver did not stop the vehicle and there was no one in the area. Then the dog saw it and ran to Anjana's house and called her mother. Then her mother rushed her to the hospital. When she regained consciousness, she asked her mother, "Who took me to the hospital?"

Anju, our motu that saved you saved you.

moral of the story :When we help others, they will be there to help us.

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