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The exciting ending of the trilogy of Into Another World.

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Chapter One

Rykel bolted upright from her bed, her heart racing, beaded sweat on her forehead. Scanning the room quickly, she saw that it was morning. Glancing at the clock it read ten thirty.

"What....what happened?" she whispered to herself.

Goodmorning, Rykel.

"Ahh!" Rykel yelped in surprise at hearing that deep, low, beautiful voice just inches from her ear it seemed. "Oh, Virus, it's just you. Don't do that, you scared me."

Sorry. Rykel watched as the makeshift head of the Kypos pooled gently out of her shoulder and circled around so that it could look her in the face. "Did it have to do anything with what you were dreaming about?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Rykel said as she slipped off the bed and walked to the window. Looking out she could see that the streets were normal....quiet...as always. Sighing, she placed a hand on the glass.

Virus nudged it's Other's shoulder before speaking.

"Rykel, you can tell me," it said. "I will not laugh."

"Oh, yeah? Then why are you asking me what I dreamt about if you're in my head and know everything about me?" Virus paused but then it's grin widened considerably.

"How did you like it?" it asked.

"Well, it was good up until you left," Rykel replied with a small smile. "And...all that other stuff was....um..." She stopped when Virus chuckled.

"Yes, I have to admit that messing with your dreams is very entertaining," it said. "Especially when it's about us..."

"Wait, you put all that romance stuff in there just because you wanted to?" Rykel asked.

"I only wanted some spice, Rykel," Virus purred. "And anyway, you looked so cute when you were asleep."

"What? No, I don't!" Rykel retorted, stuttering uncontrollably. "Now don't do that again." She looked at her phone and saw the date. "Ha, so it wasn't real."

"Of course not," Virus replied with a snort. "If it was, we would all have to rescue this world."

"So....Yupanki's not here?"

"No." Rykel sighed, grateful.

"I don't know what I would do if we actually had to face off against Yupanki again."

"Correction. It was Quill and Rudd," the beautiful alien replied. "We fought Apollo and Delusion."

"Oh, don't remind me about that," Rykel said with a shudder. "Well, you and Page fought Apollo and you and I fought Delusion." She paused. "Yeah, Delusion was...uh...creepy."

"What it did to you was disturbing," Virus growled angrily. "It knew you were my Other." Protectively wrapping its tentacles around the girl's body, it nudged her cheek with its face. "But you know. You are mine. And no one can take that away from us."

"Y-yeah..." Rykel paused for a moment, unsure what to do at the Kypos's unexpected physical moment. She could feel a blush slowly creeping into her face but pushed the feeling away. "Uh...c-come on," she said, "we need to make breakfast."

At the word breakfast, Virus eagerly unwrapped itself from the girl and literally vibrated with happiness.

"Yes! Food!" it cried happily. "Let's eat pancakes, Rykel!"

"Okay, okay," Rykel replied as she went down the stairs. "What kind?"

"Chocolate chip!"

"Okay....how did you know what a pancake was? And chocolate chips? You haven't been in this world more than a day." Rykel entered the kitchen and started getting stuff out.

"You forget I can see your memories," Virus replied quietly.

"Oh, yeah, right." Rykel stared up at the top cabinet and narrowed her eyes.

"What is it?" Virus wondered, confused.

"I have to get something out of that cabinet but I can't reach it from here. Maybe there's a stool or something that I could stand on." Rykel replied.

"You just had to ask, Rykel." Virus grinned and then a huge makeshift form of the blue, wonderful creature came out from behind Rykel. Rykel's eyes grew huge as she stared up at the half-formed Kypos emerging from her back. If she hadn't noticed, she would have thought that Virus would have been in full form behind her. Virus chuckled, enjoying seeing its Other in such a great state of wonder, awe, and shyness.

Rykel couldn't even begin to speak before Virus picked her up around the waist and lifted her up towards the cabinet.

"Uh....thanks...." she breathed, feeling the strong but gentle hands on her hips. Grabbing what she needed, she breathed out slowly as she was slowly lowered down to the floor.

"Thank you," she said. Virus smiled as it entered its Other again, only revealing its head now.

"You are welcome," it replied. Rykel felt a little pang of sadness enter her mind as she saw that beautiful figure melt away. It was just too alluring and attractive. Virus knew what it's Other was thinking and smiled to itself.

Later, Rykel was eating at the table, flipping pancakes into Virus's mouth at random intervals, which the Kypos gobbled up eagerly.

After they had finished, Rykel headed to the kitchen sink and began filling it with water. Virus grabbed the soap bottle in one tentacle and started dumping it into the liquid.

"Hey, hey, hey, easy on the soap," Rykel cautioned.

"Sorry, but it's fun," Virus replied setting the bottle back where it belonged.

As Rykel began to work on the dishes, Virus turned to more interesting things....like the radio.

Something went off in Rykel's mind. She paused.

"Wait a minute," she cried. Virus paused. "Don't touch that switch."

"Why?" Virus asked smugly.


"Hmm.....you're pulse has quickened," Virus noted with a sly grin as it slowly approached Rykel's face. "I wonder why.You sure you want the radio off?"

"Yes!" Virus flipped on the switch. "No! Virus!"

"Be a good little girl and work on the dishes," Virus said sweetly as I Like Me Better started playing. Rykel glowered up at it.

"That's not funny," she said. She paused when she heard the music playing. "Are you kidding me?" she cried.

"Oh, look at that, it's our song," Virus said with an alienish laugh. "I can't believe it actually played today..."

"Turn it off," Rykel said, reaching around the Kypos to turn the switch off. Instantly a tentacle seized her around the wrist, stopping her.

"Uh-uh, Rykel," it growled softly, gently nudging her back towards the sink. "You have a job to do."

"Oh? Then what's your job?" Virus grinned wider.

"Observation." Rykel turned bright red.

"No, you're not!" she cried. "That's just weird!"

"Hmm....you're not the dominant one in this relationship."

"Oh, yeah? Try me, alien!"


Virus slammed Rykel up against the wall with a snarl. Rykel was staring straight into the hard- to -determine-what-it-was-thinking, beautiful face of her Other.

"Ow! Virus, what--"

"You called me an alien, Rykel...I'll see to it that you're not going anywhere without any punishment," Virus growled low.

"Wh-what does that mean?" Rykel cried.

"This." Virus opened a large, cavelike mouth. The long, pink tongue swirled around, reaching for Rykel's shirt.

"Whoa! Okay! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I called you an alien!" Rykel whimpered as the long tongue slowly approached her mouth.

"Hmm...." Virus looked at its Other. The girl seemed annoyed but scared at the same time. Scared?

Virus stopped. It's Other was scared of it? That wasn't supposed to happen. Virus was confused but decided to cover it up by roughly and possesively licking Rykel's lips once.

"M-mmm!"Rykel groaned as the tongue came in contact with her lips. She tensed up and her breath came out in soft little gasps.

Virus looked at its Other curiously. She wasn't afraid. No. She was...excited. Virus grinned. Oh, this would be fun.

"So...." it brought its head up close to Rykel's, "you don't want this long, wonderful tongue down your puny little throat again, do you?" Rykel shook her head. "Then don't call me an alien." It released Rykel from the wall and growled low. Rykel looked up at the creature before dropping her eyes again.

"Y-yes, Virus," she whispered.

"Good," Virus purred. "Now, tell me, Rykel, who is the dominant one?"


"Good girl." Rykel could feel the Kypos being aroused in ways she could not express. "Now, continue to be a good little girl and I will have a surprise for you later..."

"Wh-what does that mean?" Rykel asked. Virus grinned devilishly and Rykel was sure she saw the Kypos's tongue lick its lips.

"All I am going to say is that you will love it, Rykel." It paused. "Now....we must finish cleaning up."

Page sat with Quill and Rudd in her living room.

"Nice house," Rudd remarked.

"Thanks, but you already saw it last night when we came back from the library," Page said with a smile.

"Oh." Quill chuckled at his friend's embarrassed blush. "I guess I didn't pay much attention to it because I was so tired."

"Well, good news, we're meeting Rykel and Virus today at a restaurant," Page replied as she picked up her purse.

"A restaurant?" Quill asked. "What kind of restaurant?"

"You'll see."

"Ooh! Quill! It's a surprise!" Rudd cried happily as he scrambled to his feet.

"Yes, Rudd," Quill chuckled as he patted his friend's head.

"We should probably get going if we want to be there in time," Page said as she checked her phone.

"Okay! I call shotgun!" Rudd yelled as he sprinted towards the door.

Page looked at Quill.

"How do you tolerate him?" she asked. Quill gave her a charming smile.

"He's my little guy," he replied simply. "How can anyone not tolerate him?"

Page smiled and followed Quill out the door.

"I'll sit in the back with you, Quill, so you're not alone," Rudd said as Quill buckled in.

"Aw, Rudd, bud, you don't have to do that--" Quill replied, but Rudd was already in the seat next to him. Quill chuckled. "Alright."

"Ready to go?" Page asked.

"Yep!" Rudd said.

The car started moving and soon they were on the road. Page turned the radio on for a moment and then found the station she liked. A song came on and Rudd perked up.

"Oo! A song! What's this one about?" he asked curiously.

"You'll see," Page replied with a smile.

As the song started playing, Quill shifted in his seat.

"What's the name of this song?" he wondered.

"Friends by Anne-Marie," Page said as she turned the corner.


Throughout the whole song, Rudd and Quill kept on glancing at each other. It soon grew awkward. They couldn't help it. Quill chuckled as he watched Rudd's face turn a soft pink.

"Hmm, who are you thinking about, Rudd?" he teased.

"N-nothing," Rudd replied quietly, ducking his head. After that, he kept his face hidden.

Quill smiled and turned his attention back out the window. Oh, yes. Something was definitely going on here. And the song had helped a lot, too. Quill was eager to find out what was going on between the two of them....if anything, he already knew the answer. But the question was, did Rudd? Quill smiled again and continued looking around outside.

Yes, this would not be easy.

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