London Packer

Anyone but Emma is a fictional drama audio style diary written by London Packer. The story was originally was suppose to be a web comic but the idea was scratched due to the author’s limited art talent and knowledge. The story follows a young college student name Emma recording her academic process in college with a old cell phone audio recorder but it becomes more personal after being away from her emotionally manipulative and demanding grandmother for the first time in years.

Dram 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

#comingofage #college #Audiodiary #Drama
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Audio Tape #1

"Ausgust 5th 2013 at 8:54 pm: Well Hello again,I'm back and it's has been two months since I have recorded anything."

"So...Let me update: I have graduated high school with honors but it wasn't valedictorian so grandmother was disappointed and she was even more disappointed when Both Yale and Harvard denied me but at least I got a scholarship to this small community college in Waco. I will be living with my Aunt Wu for the semester because it's closer and I can just walk to the school and classes."

"Tomorrow will be my first day and I have all my supplies: 4 spiral notebooks,4 composition notebooks,6 binders,3 things of white out,102 pencils,92 pens,27 highlighters, 10 erasers,my Chromebook and charger.I already have the school email programmed and everything,I even color choreographed for my classes: Red for History,Yellow for English, Green for Science, Blue for Mathematics, Purple for French and Black for Politics."

"I have my book bag and outfits ready.It's very important to make good first impression and last but very important but you probably heard this for the 17th time but next mouth will be my birthday but it's going to be my 18th birthday but it's not a big deal,it's like every other day,that's why I don't have any big plans....I never really celebrate my birthday but it's okay...Well,that's all for this recording but I will talk to you tomorrow morning or afternoon and update you."

End of Recording.

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