Tavis Been

This book is about theories of a new creation it is about the (what ifs) and the (what would it be like) if a new creation where to begin. New faiths and new beliefs on how the new existence will come into fruition on the new ways of life

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let it be Truth for God another has created. Take heed he did those before when darkness flashes forth, let it be darkness in the sky these noise return to see in the dark, against evil allow wickedness to sink even deeper let it be. we are the faithful do yet they are fools, for their hearts are not in the land of God, they yet not deceive none their eyes and their hearts are all the will found threw guidance. for what they revealed let it be there devotion is unknown. guidance ALIF LAM MIM ever merciful ever benevolent those have been blessed let them be forever for we worship the most highest powers.

Truthful God call any witness votary of what we have prepared, guard yourselves as indeed as you. Abidingly as we were given before indeed they eat the fruits that grow. Those who are from the Lord and those who believe are more advanced. the land of suffer and those who are dividing breaks God's covenant return back to life for he will make you life, Do not have disbelief in God. He has knowledge turning all that lies within the Earth. you do not know who will create this disorder God said. For I place my trust into the highest powers. If you are truthful tell me the knowledge of nature that was given to Adam. All knowing He have given to us, we have none but Glory to the highest powers. Disclose the Earth for I know the unknown of the heavens God said. Disbeliever turned insolent who disdained Adam? they ask the angels. Transgressors approach not this tree wherever in the garden eat freely, Both of you He said to Adam let it be.

Remember not to reject his signs for the unchanged will belong to hell. Send guidance towards his door for they were in a time that has been ordained. Both of you approach not this tree God said. They ask the angels in disbelf for the angels know the unknown of the heavens as well. We have nothing but glory to the highest powers. Given to Adam the knowledge of nature with the trust of the highest powers.

Know All even all that lies within the Earth do not have disbelief in God for he will return you and those who believe back to life. The fruits that grow we were given to ourselves, God call any witness for we are truthful

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