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Untold pain

How will I tell you, about what I feel, about a wound that over months won't heal, the pain of which makes my heart reel, every day, every night, I fight a losing battle, the pain I've faced all this time, hidden from you locked up deep inside, secrets I've kept for you to never find out I want to tell you so badly cant you hear me shout when did I say? why did I stay? what did I do and who am I now? I'm just a memory of what was, the happiness of what is and now I'm left, I'm lost I'm left, I'm lost and I'm alone, days are gone but still memories alive somewhere in thought, I wish I could return you all the pain that I am gifted from you now and then, but it will remain untold the secrets inside it will hurt forever till the end of time

© Viola G

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