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Will her Aunt find about it ? or they will be perished unknowingly ? Keep reading and keep up to this Suspenseful Tale ... In Episodes Every Week I guess ...

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Episode 1

Episode 1

" Maddie , Maddie ? " Lady Miranda Yelled .
" I am right here , lady ." I replied . Yes , I am Madison Hills , an orphan living in a orphanage. My life is a lonely mess .
Well , so years ago my parents died in an incident and the only person I have left is my paternal aunt Alizia . Lady Miranda is one of the workers here , she is strict but really good. Tonight my aunt is coming to pick me up and its the best day ever because I will be living with auntie in her new VILLA .

Tonight after dinner , one of the workers came in my room and said , " Maddie , your aunt Alizia Hills has come to pick you up , please come down . "

I went down , sat in the car . Aunt Alizia was silent until she drove to the train station , " So how are you ? " she looked
at me and asked . " I am fine . "
" Hmm , so my new home is out of town and that's why we will have to take a train and leave . "

She booked our tickets and we were sitting in the old seats of train. I looked out of the window , it was dark and raining like the night my family died . " Auntie , why life is so tough ? " She noticed the disappointment on my face , " I don't know my dear . "

7 hours later ...
We reached this town named Somco which was a crowdy , green and busy town . It was dawn and people had already started to go for their work .
We took a taxi to this someplace named District 12 ' . It was quiet but scary and became more scarier when we went to our home .
There were frames of some people I didn't know . My aunt said that this house was owned by a very rich old man but somehow he DISSAPPEARED then a salesman took over and sold it to my auntie .

Today I woke up and went down , I heard .....

To Be Continued -

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