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Warrior VS Black Magic 1

Ok I was in a deep sleep have a dream about my precious staff from my work place she was attack I used my fire power to backfire at the black magic it was very bubbling n I know this is sad the baby was turn into power of black magic n used attack my staff from work in the dream she was my great staff she was attack so we bounce down to the floor from the roof n I save my staff at the roof n backfired at the bubbley giant hand I know it was the baby doing they put something on the baby n turn into evil or they don't know better it the one that attack us from my dream. That baby that attack us from my dream I hope that baby knows better or he/she might have a rough life there parents won't give them love they might become karmic when they grow up it probably baby don't know better or it turn evil which path they choose when they grow up.y mom two dogs not themselves lately it used black magic on the two little dog they keep on fighting each other something is up aabaa plz protect my mom little dogs the is upstairs from my parents house. Ok some1 went in my dream try to manipulate me to think it my soulmate child with some1 els n that guy try to look like my soulmate it wasn my soulmate it was some random guy in my dream try to fool me.

Ok I talk to Aabaa to make a plan with his friend about battle the oath n the red demon king after we made a plan with his friend then Aabaa make another plan with his gods friends up in heaven as a back up if his friend is under the spell from the red demon king n oath that have a black heart that want to destroy us the aabaa give us strengths n power to save our self n our good people that is high vibrational we are fighting as a warrior with our element so we used our power to destroy evil I used my power call Flame blast n our other surprise element power that we didn Kno we have send by Aabaa we r his chosen children each of the chosen one have there surprise element that might give us strengths n overcome it especially power that our God give us we are battling black magic from the evil witch that use the power abusively not for good so Aabaa take away there power away we are fighting like a warrior to destroy black magic witches n other evil monster that abuse there power but Aabaa will take them away again if they go over the line again. Omg my secret power went up of notch I don't know how to used it that new power I have I got lost in my dream I don't how to control it Aabaa give me a high level 3rd eye vision n dream opening it hard to figure it out to know how to used it I have to know how to used it I saw the me in my dream helping me I think that my past me I was pretty big there she help me bring the tea n milk it got me out of the dream I was lost n stuck there thank goodness myself save me from it in my dream I thank the old me for it. Ok I heard noise that is a bad vibe the red demon king n there team hack into my soulmate phone I hear it my phone ny soulmate phone we going to battle it warrior vs Black magic n hacker we goin ask our vampire angels to help us Aabaa friend give all four of us a gift before Aabaa friend was under the spell.

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