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This story features a renowned dance academy amidst the beautiful Valley in India - 'Kangra valley' on the banks of Kareiri Lake. There lived a girl nearby. She was persecuted by everyone as 'The Sweeping Girl'. Find out what Inconceivable she experienced in her life.

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Long back ago, there existed a renowned dance academy named 'Dancing Kings & Queens' in one of the beautiful Valleys in India 'Kangra Valley' on the banks of Kareiri lake. The valley was also called the 'Land Of Gods'.

There lived a girl nearby in the valley. She and her ancestors had been poor since generations. So, she used to run her and her family' s employment by mopping people's homes and due to this obligation of hers, she was gradually aggravated as 'The Sweeping Girl' by each and every Valley dweller loving there.

She often hated this kind of persecution towards her by those people whom she helped with cleaning their homes.

But, ultimately she was helpless and had no option except continuing sweeping people's homes.

She had 2 brothers - 'Harsh' and 'Vardhan' which whom she felt free to share anything she wanted to.

Vardhan was 11 years younger while 'Harsh' was 6 elder than her. When both the bruvvers heard people teasing and calling out her name as 'The Sweeping Girl', they both reacted indignantly.

Vardhan who was 7 years old accosted stammerly as he said, "Don't tease my sister from now on! ". In this way, he tried his best to warn and make people understand.

But, none of them listened or paid attention to him. Instead, the poor boy disheartened.

Sabrina, his one and only sister made him understand by advising him not to be sad and ignore such people.

Three of them were very close to each other.

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