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This story is about two best friends - Sabina and Lucy. They once arrived at the jungles of Orinoco. Find out what they found there?

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There were two best friend - Sabina and Lucy. They both studied in the same class and loved to go to their school 'Harmony:Educated Lives' together on their bicycle which they deliberately named 'Rocket'. Their class teacher was Ms. Vani Aggarwal. One fine day, Ms. Vani announced in the class "Dear Children, I'm passing you individual circulars so that you can get your parents' signatures over them once they assent for the exciting expedition to the jungles of Orinoco which we all are going to explore in a day or two. So all you need to do is ready the circular carefully, inform your parents, get their signatures and submit to me latest by day after tomorrow." All the children got exhilarated. Sabina and Lucy started reading the circular. It read:



Dated: 14. 05.2021

Dear students,

Get ready for the fun expedition to the jungles of Orinoco! Remember the following points well :-

Stay with your class teacher every moment.

Carry dry food.

Carry your own Medical and first-aid kits(containing salon antiseptic liquid, 4×4 gauze pads, antacids, etc.) along with you.

First - aid and emergency Medical Services will be provided.

Please sign below...

Parents' signatures


Looking forward for your cooperation as always.

Thanks & Regards

Tahira Srivastava

School Head

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