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From the distant darkness came a vessel of light manned by Odin, Zeus and Ra. The three arrived our galaxy with a mission, and Earth was just the right place, but they stayed longer than they planned... At the heart of this story is the conflict between Odin, Zeus and Ra, and the power disputes of their families. Civilisations will prosper and collapse, relationships will flourish and whither, and there will be blood, for it our history after all: an alternative history of our creation and purpose, an answer to why the Gods are not around anymore...

Fantastik 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

#381 #space #fantasy #humanity #history #vikings #nordic #norse #pyramids #egypt #pantheon #threefold #mythology #greek #greece #ra #zeus #odin #blood #ancient
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Have you ever noticed it?

Imagine yourself on a regular city; watch the street unfold before you: the pavement extending under your feet, the buildings growing in all directions, our transports, sturdy casings of metal, roaring around you… You realise, we humans, have crafted ourselves vast nests of stone and metal throughout the entire planet.

Weak and fragile as we were, we surpassed all species in every domain: we move faster than all, we build higher than all, we think better than all, we possess the most advanced technology and language… And we rule this planet with no contention.

Have you ever wondered why our species is so different? Why we are so strange or… special?

Our history is the story of our Gods,

of their families and their troths,

of their fears and their loves

of their sons and their daughters;

of the path they walked before us.

Our Gods were many and had many names which you might or might not already know, but you soon will, because I, the nameless, am going to tell you…

They hated and loved,

they argued and fought;

their pantheons would rise, and they would fall.

They, much like us, were virtuous and flawed.

For we rule against the odds.

For we are much like our Gods.

And their story, our story, began twelve-thousand years ago…

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