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Diana has had enough of Eric's neglect. His love for his car takes up his time and attention, leaving Diana's needs, both emotional and physical, on the back burner. After yet another broken promise in favor of spending quality time with his vehicle, Diana takes her revenge the best way she can think of; making a royal mess of his car.

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Hot Rod Revenge

Diana looked in the mirror, applying her makeup for her date night with Eric. She shook out her long cherry-red curls, happy to have a reason to get done up. She was excited; it was the first date night she’d had with her boyfriend in months. This was the trouble with dating a car guy; car shows had been taking up all Eric’s attention lately. Sure, he owned a gorgeous car, it deserved to be shown off. He spent hours every night detailing it, cleaning the day’s imperfections of dust and dirt off the paint, even cleaning the tires if they weren’t as shiny as usual. Every crevice was vacuumed, cleaned, buffed, and checked for scratches. Eric’s car was pristine in every sense of the word; Diana couldn’t even get in if she wore glittering eyeshadow.

For weeks, Diana had spent almost every night waiting up for him to come in from the garage, trying to seduce him. There were times that she would go into the garage and try to catch his attention, flirting and touching him, only to be dismissed with promises for later on that were never kept. Diana would wait on the couch in lingerie, waiting for the door to open to surprise him for some hot sex; instead, she’d get tired while waiting and have to get ready for bed to get rested for her early morning shifts. Sometimes she’d fall asleep on the couch while she waited for him, waking up to find that Eric hadn’t so much as draped a blanket over her. She had even tried getting into bed naked, hoping that maybe the sight of her slim, firm curves in the nude might entice him into waking her up for a midnight romp in the sheets, but to no avail. It didn’t seem to matter how many times she begged for him to wake her up and take her; she’d wake up with him passed out next to her, not even touching her.

It had taken a three-hour blowout for Eric to concede that he’d been neglecting Diana’s emotional and physical needs. Diana had broken down, pleading for answers from Eric; was she not pretty enough anymore? Did he not love her anymore? Was there someone else? Was Eric secretly gay? He had insisted for hours that he was just really into his car, that it was an expensive hobby, so it took a lot of his time and attention. Finally, Eric had agreed to bring her out on a date night and make it all about her. Eric admitted that he hadn’t been caring for her the way she deserved and had very much been leaving Diana to her own devices. He agreed to plan an extravagant night for her, dinner, a movie, and maybe even a night out to go dancing. He had promised a romantic night where his attention was entirely focused on Diana. She had been thrilled, happy to see a breakthrough in her relationship, maybe.

Diana smiled to herself in the mirror as she put the final touches on her deep burgundy lipstick, wearing a brand new outfit; a gorgeous white mini dress, hugging every curve just right on her physique. Her long, muscular legs were the star of the show, the fit of the dress bringing out her hourglass figure. Diana smoothed out the lines of her dress, her stomach in knots as she waited for Eric. Tonight was his last chance to show her that he knew what he had with her, that she was important to him. Diana had made up her mind; if he didn’t get it together and show that he could give her the love and attention she needed, Eric would be out the door. Diana was done with feeling second place to a car. Finished in the mirror, Diana paired her dress with a beautiful pair of glittering silver heels, grinning in spite. After all, this was her night. She was going to wear what she wanted for once. She carefully walked down the stairs, looking for Eric.

“Eric? Babe, are you ready?” She called out, getting no response. Diana searched through the house, a sinking feeling in her stomach growing as she realized he wasn’t in the house. She angrily sighed, knowing exactly where she would find him. Diana stomped her way to the garage door, wrenching it open. Sure enough, there he was. He stood over his car with the hood popped open, grease smudged into his skin.

“Are you serious?! Eric, we’re supposed to be leaving soon!” Diana shouted at him, throwing her hands in the air, exasperated by this man’s priorities. He pried his attention from the car, looking her up and down and smiling. He moves in her direction, reaching out to her.

“You look, hot babe, that’s perfect-” Diana smacked his hand away from her dress, glaring at him. He frowned, pulling his hand back as Diana crossed her arms over her chest.

“No, you don’t touch this dress with your greasy hands! Why aren’t you ready yet?!” Diana shouted as Eric picked up a rag, wiping his face and hands.

“What? I had to make sure my girl got her oil change! She’s ready to bring out my main lady for the night now. I’m going to head into the shower in a minute. It doesn’t take me that long to get ready.” Eric told her as he wiped his hands on a rag. He closed the hood of the car, then gave the car another once over as he started a slow circling of the vehicle to inspect it. Diana glared at him, letting out an exasperated sigh.

“Your other girl? I’m not your other girl, Eric. I’m your girlfriend, not this stupid fucking car! This is exactly what I was talking about! I’m not the other woman in this relationship; your goddamn car is! I’m sick of it!” Diana shouted at Eric. Eric stepped toward her, trying to calm her.

“Come on... you know that’s not what I meant. I want to take you out in style. You deserve a car that looks as gorgeous as you do, don’t you think?” he said as he took her hand, his other hand gently raising her chin, and moved forward to kiss her. Diana turned her head away, then yanked her hand away before she crossed her arms over her chest. Eric paused, then took a step back.

“Look, I’m done with the car; I’m going to go upstairs, I’ll shower, and I’ll be ready to go. It’s no big deal.” He told her, visibly annoyed. Diana closed her eyes, sighing. All she wanted was a night that was about her, and somehow, the car was still winning. She looked back up to him, groaned, then rolled her eyes.

“Hurry up, okay? The reservation is literally in a half-hour. We need to get moving.” He grinned at her, looking her up and down again. He leaned down for a kiss again, and she begrudgingly kissed him back. He took another step back to admire her outfit for a moment. Diana’s heart fluttered for a moment, then sank; He was looking at her like he looked at the car, checking her over for imperfections. She had officially reached the point of desperation that, for a moment, that excited her. He was at least giving her some attention and appreciation. She heard Eric’s hand on the doorknob of the garage door, pulling her from her disappointed thoughts.

“Oh, babe? Can you do me a favor?” Eric asked. Diana turned to him.

“Sure, what’s up?” she asked him.

“I need you to change those shoes. You’re not getting into the car with glitter. That’ll take me hours to get rid of.” Diana stood dumbfounded as Eric opened the door and disappeared into the house. Somewhere in her subconscious, something clicked, and she saw red. She had done everything she could up to that point to be civil and work through things like an adult.

“Oh, I’ll change my shoes, alright...” she growled under her breath as she stormed into the house, stomping her way up the stairs to her bedroom. She kicked off her shoes, then opened the closet, pulling out a pair of large black chunky heeled boots. She put them on, then walked into the en suite bathroom. The water was already running in the shower when she opened the door, yanking open drawers to start digging through her makeup. The curtain behind her shifted, and in the mirror, she saw Eric’s confused face. He grimaced as he looked at the outfit.

“Are you really wearing those boots with that dress? I mean, black and white work, but those seem a little grungey. You look like a party girl that never fully left 2001.” He said, snickering to himself. Diana rolled her eyes.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to work out fine, just trust me!” Diana says over her shoulder. The anger in her face vanished as she turned, instead replaced by a sugary sweetness in her smile. Eric looked at her dress.

“Yea, I think you’re going to have to change that dress anyway. I think I got grease on it.” He tells her, pointing to her hip. Diana looked down, then spotted a dark black streak. She closed her eyes, anger bubbling in her chest.

“I’m just going to take my makeup out there and find a new dress then.” She said through gritted teeth. Diana shoved a bunch of makeup into her travel pouch, then hurried out of the bathroom. She paused at her closet, pulling out a loose black t-shirt before rushing downstairs.

She ran down the stairs, back down into the garage. Diana quickly switched out of her dress into the t-shirt before she emptied the makeup bag onto Eric’s workbench, pulling out her bottles of loose body glitter. She unscrewed the top of the silver glitter, then looked at the car; the open sunroof gave her an idea. Diana shook the bottle out into the sunroof, watching the glitter rain down on the seats’ fabric. She grinned, then opened the back door so she could rub the glitter into the fabric. She saturated the fabric, then reached back to her bag. She chose the red glitter, then glanced around the shop. Diana saw Eric’s stack of microfiber rags and grinned to herself, unfolding each cloth and shaking some of the glitter into each. She dropped them into a pile, then went back for more glitter. She gathered the blue bottle, then paced around the car. Diana let out a mischievous cackle, popping the hood of the car, flinging the glitter throughout. Pleased with herself, she returned to the makeup collection to decide her next move.

After a few moments of digging, Diana pulled out a series of lipsticks. All the colors that Eric had told her that he didn’t like, saying that they didn’t suit her. She twisted the base of a deep violet shade, the lipstick standing tall in its container. Diana grinned as she walked around the car, the violet streaks standing out against the shining white of the car’s paint job. When she reached the front of the car, she leaned forward to make massive swirls of color over the hood, giggling to herself as she worked.

Diana stood back to admire her handiwork. She paused, deciding to herself that the car needed a little more color. Diana gathered her orange lipstick, as well as a black shade. She held each in her hand, a vicious grin spreading across her face. Before long, the car was a Pollock painting on wheels, the interior shining and glittering. Glancing around the garage, an idea popped into her head; she gathered the microfiber cloths, rubbing them over the surface of the car. The color smeared over the vehicle, caking into the fabric as she worked. Diana would often add more color to the car, working until little of the white paint showed through.

Above her head, Diana heard the water to the shower stop. She scoffed, picking up her makeup bag, quickly shoving the remaining makeup in, hurrying to zip the bag. She looked back at the car, chuckling to herself. Satisfied with her artwork, Diana hurried back to the bathroom.

Eric sat on the end of their bed, his towel still wrapped around his waist as he scrolled through his phone. Diana rolled her eyes as she walked past him, dropping her makeup into her drawer. Eric finally lifted his eyes from his phone as she reentered the bedroom, moving to her bedside table. She caught sight of his phone screen; unsurprisingly, there were images of bikini-clad women sitting on luxury cars. He looked back at her, confusion on his face as he looked her up and down.

“Weren’t you changing?” he asked Diana. She glanced back at him.

“Weren’t you rushing to get ready? What are you wearing tonight?” she asked him. Eric shrugged, turning back to his phone.

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it yet.” He mumbled as he continued to scroll through the photos. Diana glanced at the clock; there were about ten minutes until the reservation. When she saw he was lost in his social media feed yet again, she decided that tonight wasn’t happening. She pulled open her bedside drawer, removed her vibrator, and shut the drawer. She tucked the toy out of view against her body, then walked swiftly past Eric out the door.

Diana raced down the stairs into the garage. She paused to admire her masterpiece of color and glitter smeared around the car. Diana clambered onto the hood of the car, then up over the windshield onto the roof, carefully maneuvering herself around the open sunroof. She positioned herself to sit with her bum placed at the back of the sunroof opening, then braced herself with her heels on the front corners of the sunroof.

Diana carefully switched on the vibrator, then pressed it against the fabric of her thong. She slid the toy easily against her clit, letting her head tilt back as she softly moaned. She listened for any sound of movement upstairs; as far as she could tell, Eric hadn’t budged. Diana let herself relax, biting her lower lip softly as she enjoyed the vibration. She changed her rhythm, circling the toy around her clit. The tension built in her body, and before long, Diana was moaning into her first climax. She gasped loudly as she orgasmed, her legs shaking as she held herself against the sunroof opening. Diana giggled to herself, then paused to listen for Eric; there was still silence in the house. He was probably still wrapped up in his phone, so she decided to amp up her revenge.

Diana pushed the thong’s fabric aside, testing how wet she was, then licked the end of the vibrator. She pushed it inside herself, moaning as she worked the toy in and out of her wet pussy. With her other hand, she vigorously rubbed her clit, biting onto her lower lip as Diana felt herself tighten around the toy. The thought crossed her mind that Eric might suddenly open the door at any moment. She smiled to herself, almost hoping he would. She looked down into the car as she continued to thrust the toy into herself, the familiar ache returning as she edged closer to climax. Diana gasped, pulling the toy out of herself as she squirted, the fluids spraying out onto the car’s dashboard, some of it soaking into the front seats. She let out a delighted giggle as she watched the fluid drip down the dashboard before pushing the toy back inside her.

Above her, Diana heard Eric’s footsteps moving around the bedroom, drawers opening and closing as he got dressed for their date night. Diana leaned forward, driving the toy into herself as she rubbed her clit, determined to get one more good squirt before he got into the garage. Her next orgasm was already getting nearer as Eric’s footsteps coming down the stairs. The garage door opened, and Eric froze in the doorway. Eric’s eyes grew wide in horror, seeing what she had done to his car. He stared at the mess of lipstick and glitter, his eyes then looking at Diana gasping on the roof of the vehicle. He finally regained his ability to speak, his anger burning in his eyes as he glared at her.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” he yelled as he circled the car. Diana ignored his question, biting onto her lip as she stared him in the eye, turning up the vibration of her toy. Her orgasm surged through her, and she held the toy up in mock victory, squirting more fluid onto the seats below her as she gave Eric a wicked grin.

“Since you seem to be more sexually attracted to your car than me, I figured I’d see what all the fuss is about,” she told him as she turned off the toy, then repositioned her thong back over her soaked pussy. “I guess I can kind of understand since my last three orgasms just now were better than anything your weak dick has given me in months.” She told him as she spun herself around, her big black boots leaving streaks of rubber over the paint, then down the back window as she let herself down from the car.

“You’re a fucking psycho!” Eric shouted at her, rifling through his microfiber rags, finding each one tainted with glitter. Finally, he gave in and used one of the glitter-covered cloths, scrubbing as he tried to remove the makeup from his paint job. Diana cackled, circling the car one final time.

“Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I’m just a woman sick and tired of being neglected by her boyfriend over a goddamn car!” She shouted at Eric, flinging her hands into the air. Eric ignored her, sorting through his cleaners to find what would best remove the makeup. Diana loudly sighed as she walked through the door.

“Typical. Well, In case you didn’t guess, we’re done. Don’t worry, I’ll toss your shit in here for you to pack. You have a week to get the hell out of my house.” Eric popped his head up to look at her.

“Wait, what? You fuck up my car and kick me out?!” he yelled, walking over to her. “Baby, you can’t be serious.” Diana rolled her eyes, scoffing at him.

“Yea, okay. You neglect me, ignore me, and decide that it’s no big deal to be insanely late for a date night you supposedly planned all for me, but I’m the crazy one? Ever consider that maybe ‘psycho ex-girlfriends’ are just women who are fed up with men being shitty? Get the hell out, Eric.” Diana told him as she opened the door to the house. She hesitated, then looked back at him with a sweet smile.

“And since you love being in here so much, you’re not coming back into my house. You can sleep in here for all I care, as long as you and all your shit are gone by the end of the week.” Eric sputtered, then reached his hand out to her to try to stop Diana. She slammed the door shut, locking it behind her. She made her way up the stairs, ready to purge Eric from her home.

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Maaaaan, this was amazing. I just wanted to murder the idiot the whole time. Wonderful story.
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