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So you want to be
The same carefree as me
Well then just sing my lullaby

Now you can see
What can be done
What can you reveal
When. You. Will. Run.

Find what it takes
To loose what you've had
Sink memories in past
Let. Them. For. Rust.

Take your only hope
To do first shaking step
And leave problems behind
With me you'll be satisfied.
I. Bet. You. Will.

Run where you wish to go
Fullfil dreams of one soul
Close the door without key
And set your ambitions free
Bow. To. Your. Destiny.

So you want to be
The same as eagle-me

Well then just make a deal.

Join your life with freedom
and cry will visit you seldom

Sign down secret name

name of what you remain
Just. One. Drop. Of. Blood

And I'll send you to the land
Where dreams always come true

So just sleep calmly and well
'cause in this story the queen is you
Decide. How. Rules. Are. Made.

Sing with me beautiful lullaby
And you will never be alone
Just melt your little heart-stone
In this fantasy land of yours.

You. Will. Never. Be. Broken. Anymore.

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