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A mysterious beast who was presumed to be dead has resurfaced, and his name is Vincent Keller, the girl he saved Catherine Chandler he fell in love with.

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Honest Truth

I CAN'T VINCENT!!! I can't keep hiding and pushing things away that are meant to be said. What are you talking about? Vincent I am talking about my feelings for you I'm in love with you, you might not able to see it because you've been blinded by everything and every girl from the last 10 years or not I've tried, but have you. Wait I thought this was about the lying about you finding out about your real mother?

I am the only person that fell in love with you, all the other girls from 10 years ago or not has ran because of what you have hidden inside. I lied to you about your mother and you came over here to profess your love to me, and honestly that's what's been eating me up inside. Honestly? I came over here because your the first guy I have ever professed love to, and you come up to my face and lie to it. Maybe destiny is throwing things in the way of us getting together. Destiny? Destiny isn't doing or throwing anything it didn't make you lie, you did that all on your own with no help from anything or anyone.

I stayed Vincent if you didn't want to be with me all you had to do is say it, you didn't have to the one thing that makes a person so miserable, especially to a girl who confessed, at least have the courage.

What did you want me to do sit around and wait for some other dude to tell you the actual real reason about your mother and have them tell you to ask me why I lied. You know for some one who is hell bent on telling the truth or being truthful, you sure don't know how to do it, and no I would of wanted you to tell me, liked I asked the first time when I came to that abandon factory.

What do you want me to say that your mother made us a manimal a human killing animal or the fact that they gave my coronial an order to kill us because the experiment went wrong. Manimal? A man/animal. So in other words my mother made you a rogue killing human to fight off evil people but it took a turn for the worst and it blue up in there face, and why was that the lie?

It hurts every night when I go to bed crying and hoping that what you said isn't real what you said about destiny is something you really count on,

Is that something you really believe in Catherine? Yes I have believed in destiny whether it is not push or pull I have faith that somebody will bring us together.

Well I am sorry for lying to you.

Yeah well I am sorry too I have to go.

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