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1997, California, USA

There was a family named Jorden Family. Louis Jorden and his wife Erika Jorden. They were very rich, and didn't had lack of anything. But they didn't had kids. After so many worships they had a sweet little baby girl. They kept her name as "Lora". As Lora grew up, she became very beautiful! Lora's 10th birthday was coming so her parents gifted her a big bungalow. After somedays they left their old cottage and went to their new bunglow. Today was Lora's 10th Birthday, her parents did a grand celebration in her birthday. She did a lot of fun with her freinds. Her birthday went very nicely. Lora Huged her parents and went to sleep in her room. She slept. Suddenly after sometime she woke up. She felt that someone is sleeping behind her. She could hear breathing noise. She was really scared. she took a deep sigh and turned back and screamed aloud. She saw a ugly girl in her bed. Suddenly it got disappeared. Her parents came asked that what happened? She could not speak. She was so scared that she got a extremely high fever. She uttered that "Mom, Dad can I sleep with you two tonight?" Her parents told "ofcourse dear, why not!" She slept, again suddenly her eyes got open and she saw a very creepy shadow behind the white curtains in her parents room. She got very scared, she covered her face with blanket, hugged her mother and slept.

Next Morning, when she woke up, she forgot all the things which had happened with her last night. She went for a walk with her father. She saw a door in her bungalow's backyard. She stepped a few steps forward to the door, then suddenly her father called out "Lora, Lora, your mom is calling you for breakfast." She told "Ok daddy, comin'!" In the night, she was getting curious about the door she saw in the backyard. She thought to go and check out the backyard. And she went. She took few steps towards the door. But the door without touching got opened. She heard voice of crying. Suddenly a branch got tangled in her legs. she fell down. the branch started dragging her towards the door. The branch took her to a room which was inside the door. Suddenly the branch disappeared. The room was filled with dust. The room wall was white. in the bottom of the room there was a swing. She could hear nothing moving, could see nothing that scared her. But suddendly a girl appeared on the swing , she was wearing a white gown and her face was covered with her hair. That girl started laughing weirdly. Lora was so scared and she started to cry. Lora runned so fast that into 2 second she was out from the room. Then she went to her home and tried to sleep. While sleeping, she saw a dream. she saw that she was talking to the girl who was in the secret room of backyard yard. The girl told "Hi! My name is also Lora. The real Lora was very scared. Lora (the ghost) told that "100 years ago my mother died. So my father did second marriage. My stepmom was very rude she always wanted to kill me. It was my 10th birthday and my father threw a huge party. I did a lot of fun but in the midnight my stepmom came and took me to that place where you went today- 'the secret room of backyard'.She told me to sit in the swing, she took out a knife and scratched my face and then killed me!" Lora (the real) was listening to her but then suddenly her dream broke. She immediately rushed to the backyard. She saw that no door was there in the backyard. She went to her house and saw that her parents were running here and there and also the were calling her (Lora's) name all the time. Lora was constantly waving her had and saying "mom, dad! I am here! Just front of you!" Suddenly she started crying!

Did all of you understood what just happened? Wait let me tell you.

Actually the door Lora saw in the backyard was cursed by a girl also named "Lora" . That girl only, who talked to the real Lora about her death story. who ever went to that door got invisible like Lora. Because there was a curse.

What happened to the real Lora..............Actually this nobody knows!

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OT Ormage Thuft
Woooh!!!!!! I've Never read this kind of story before! Really appreciate your hardwork.
June 20, 2021, 13:28