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AA Paylaş

Say my name

True...You are here standing lonely
Keeping with yourself one big sore
Hanging around with your pathetic ego solely
'Cause you are not with me anymore

Say my name!
I won't come back
Say my name!
It's not me who I am

Say it twice and repeat
I'm not more dish for your greed
Ou dread! I don't need you here
So just shut up a leave! Did I tell it clear?

Call me sweety
Call me your love
I will answer back
Maybe at your funeral.

So say it with that elegance
What you've once had
I will whisper with poison on smiling lips

No more, no even one goodbye kiss

18 Haziran 2021 17:10:07 0 Rapor Yerleştirmek Hikayeyi takip edin
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