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Falling in love is not a choice, Living with love is.

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Hate at first sight

There is nothing unusual when it comes to the love. It's just a pure magic within two people.

No rules, no choice and no gender.

Even in the cold of December, his head boiled over. Mike was a handsome student studying in engineering with a intellectual brain and magical voice.

He was popular as the No. 1 student and the hot singer of the college.

There people having crush on him. But he never showed any interest in them.

Because of his smartness and intelligence he was also assigned as the leader of students representives in the college for the upcoming grant project exhibition conducted by the college among various engineering colleges.

He and his friends had worked hard without enough sleep and food.Mike was Pressured and stressed.

It was almost done. And the event is about to start.

But what happened just now? This fresher student, standing in front of him with a scared and guilty face messed things.

His innocent eyes are rolled down and he never lifted his head and didn't dare to look at the fierce face of his senior.

The thing was simple. Mike was rushing to submit those well ordered papers, took an hour for arranging in the proper order. Who thought there will be a nerd with big spectacles and curly hair ran into him to make this mess?

Mike couldn't say a word to him. He was tensed and very angry.

"I'm sorry " When he said that Mike grab his shirt and pulled him close.

And that was too close. His glasses touched Mike's nose and eyes were locked each other.But the emotions were different, A Scary one and a scared one....

"Mike.... It's almost time. Don't fight now. The professor is coming " An, Mike's best friend said and pulled him back.

She could calm Mike. But his anger was the same.

They both started to pick the papers, so their friends joined them.

He wanted to help. But when he picked one paper mike shouted at him.

"Don't. Go away. Never show up your face again"

It was too harsh for his unintentional fault, he left

"Mike, what are you doing here??" It was their professor -John.

"Sorry sir, I will arrange it fast " Mike said

"Seriously? Why are you so irresponsible?? You need to welcome guests now. And what are you doing here?? Setting it like one two three? I'm done with you." John said

"Leave it.Get ready for the speech. Skip it. An Maria, clean the floor. Mike follow me " John said.

Mike looked at her. She said ok.

So Mike left it with her.

When Mike was on the stage he was a little exhausted.

He hold the mike and look at the audience. He saw that guy was standing behind the crowd. A short guy with innocent eyes and thick eyebrows. He was glaring at him far away. His face shows anger and gloomy. But it make him more lovely.

"He is cute " Mike thought.

But he left the hall once he realized Mike was looking at him.

With a deep breathe Mike started his speech

"Good morning..."

After that day they never met each other again. Sometimes Mike would remember him. In fact, he was looking for him without even knowing it.

One day, It was about to rain. It wasn't a rainy season. Mike didn't bring umbrella with him.

When the rain was heavy, he was at the canteen waiting for rain to stop.

Suddenly his phone rang. It was rang.

"Where are you?? The class will start soon" She said

" I'm here " Mike

"In the class??" An

"No. In the canteen." Mike

"Come fast idiot." An

"I have no umbrella. How can I.... " Mike didn't complete his sentence.

He saw someone with an umbrella moving the same direction he want to go.

"I will be there soon " Mike hang up the phone and run to the umbrella.

"Can I come with you?" He asked grabing his waist to him.

But d at the sudden action and thought someone is attacking him.

He turned back and hit the stranger suddenly.Mike never expected that so he fell down in the dirty rainwater.

"What the hell " he shouted and looked at the guy get surprised.

"Hey, you again shorty?" Mike looked him with anger and surprise.

The boy was once again in the same situation, scared, tensed and don't know what should do.

Will continue✌️

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