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Isabelle is a student from Northern Virginia Academy, with her group of friends called Four-leaved clover. She has something bothering her everytime they have a gathering. She wants to see what was that but she can't. Not until she and her friends combined with another squad. Now, she can do what she wanted for a long time.

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Ariane and I went to the thrift store which we call Lil Pops. The night lights were shining brightly outside the store. Few cars were passing by. There's no one inside the store but the lights were open and parking lots were empty but we entered anyways. We grabbed things we like. A cold breeze passed by my back making it chill. I dropped the things I was holding. Ariane asked what's the problem but I said nothing. I picked up the things I dropped and went on the other section.

"Is that all you need?" I asked Ariane. She nodded.

"Let's pay, Isy." She said. When we looked at the cashier counter, the lights were closed there. We were so busy picking clothes that we didn't notice the lights at the counter, closed. "What's going on? What time is it?" she asked as she put the clothes on a basket near the entrance.

I reached for my phone at my pocket. "Oh! Shoot! It's already 9:00." I ran my hair through my black hair.

"Why didn't they even closed the door yet?" Ariane said.

I put the things on the basket and said, "Let's go back." I bowed at the CCTV several times to say sorry then we left the things there and walked out.

"What will we do when the teachers will see us this late night outside of the campus?" Ariane asked. I looked at her and saw her worried eyes thanks to the street lights. The cold night wind blows makes me tuck in more in my black leather jacket.

I forgot to tell you who I am. My name is Isabella McRee. I am fifteen years old and a freshman at Northern Virginia Academy. Four-leaved clover, my friends squad, call me Isy. I live at the dorm with other students whose houses were far from the school. I am a simple but intelligent introvert.

The girl with me is Ariane Will. She is older than me for a year but she is in the same class as I am. We were the best of friends as yoou can tell.

I looked behind me to make sure that no one is following us to the school. When we walked at the corner towards the school, I immediately lowered my head.

"Explain." Mr. Browns said.

"Sorry sir but we lost track of time." Ariane said.

"That's what students usually say when they are late." Mr. Browns said. "What will we tell your parents when you are lost or when you are dead? Your parents will be so sad."

"Sir we really did lost track of time. We're telling you the truth." I said with my face still looking at the ground.

"Isabelle. The Top 2 of the freshmen class, am I right?" Mr. Browns said and I nodded my head. "I'm disappointed in you. Instead of staying at the dorm this time of the night, you're going out with a person that doesn't even belong to the Top 10 of the class."

"Correction your honor, I belong to the Top 10, Top 5 and I am the Top 3 of the class." Ariane said. I chuckled quietly trying hard not to be heard by Mr. Browns.

"Even!" Mr. Browns said. We both lowered our head. "Even though you belong to the Top 3, you still need to follow the rules of the school."

"Yes sir. It will never happen again." Ariane said trying not to laugh. "We promise."

"Ok. But I still need to follow the rules so you, both, must go to the detention office tomorrow." Mr. Browns said and we passed by him. When we are far away from him, we laughed and immitate Mr. Browns' voice.

We both went to the dorm room. Ariane entered her room infront of my room. When I entered the room, I saw Jillian Adams, my friend and roommate, writing her diary.

"You still write diary?" I asked and closed the door.

"Oh! You're here already." She said. "I was waiting patiently for you."

"Why? What's wrong?" I asked.

"I just want to ask you where's your water boiler." she said as she put the water boiler under my bed.

"Seriously? That's the only thing why you spent your time waiting for me?" I dropped myself on my bed. She nodded.

"Anyways, I'm finished writing. Can you please close the light?" Jillian said.

"Seriously Jillian?" I sighed. "The switch is literally beside you." I said pointing at the light switch.

"Oh. Sorry I forgot." she said and closed the light. I looked outside the window beside my bed. I can see the bright moon shining. Tomorrow is Monday, start of classes, and the first detention of the week.

I woke up from the sound of the alarm clock on my phone. I took a bath, wore my all black clothes and put my hair up with a hair clamp. Jillian also get herself ready and we went infront of our room to wait for Ariane and Kylie. The Four-leaved clover is complete.

Ariane is the eldest, most responsible and my closest friend. Jillian is my roommate and the energetic and artistic one. Kylie is the popular girl, the youngest of the squad, and the one who makes boys and even girls fall inlove with her. While me, I'm the quiet but strong girl. I was known to be the 'girl who always wear black'. Introducing, the FOUR-LEAVED CLOVER

We went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.

"You guys are serious?" Kylie said. "You're both going to detention?"

"Yes." Ariane said. "It's ok. At least we're not dying."

"Detention doesn't kill us." I said.

"But Mr. Detention is very moody." Jillian said.

"Yes. she's a hundred percent correct." Kylie mumbled while looking at Ariane and I.

"We're gonna be fine." I said.

"Just eat lunch and wait for us at the dorm." Ariane said.

"That's not a good idea." Kylie and I said.

"We need to eat together." Jillian said.

"Then what?" Ariane said.

"We're just going to wait for you here after classes." Jillian said.

"Bright idea." Kylie agreed. "At least we all eat together at lunch."

So we all went to class. Justin Holmes, the Top 1, went beside me.

"Did you finish your assignment?" Justin asked.

"Are you my mom? Yes. I've already finished it. Why?"

"Just to make sure."

After classes, Ariane and I walked to the detention office but lots of boys were blocking the stair way. "Excuse me. Can we walk through?" Ariane asked but no one cared. She asked again but they just looked at us. I boldly walked in between them. When they see me walking through, they gave us space to walk through.

"So, Mr. Browns told me that both of you arrived school late at night." Mr. Detention, that's what we call him, said. "But since, I am tired today, you guys are forgiven. Just forget about the punishment."

We both smiled hearing that from Mr. Detention who is always moody. We thanked him and happily went outside. Both of us decided to go to the cafeteria to meet the other members of the squad but the two were not yet there so we waited for a while. Ariane and I stood up to take food when Jillian and Kylie arrived.

"Where were you?" Ariane said. "we've been waiting for you."

"Oh. We were walking around because we thought you're going to be late to eat." Kylie said.

Ariana sighed. We all sat down at the dining table. "By the way, why are you quick today. Detention usually took so many hours for your punishment." Jillian said as she put her food tray on the table.

"Mr. D was tired that's why he didn't let us do anywork and told us to forget about it." I answered her.

"Attention everyone," the student vice president entered the room, "We are not going to have our classes this afternoon because we are going to pack your clothes for the School Union."

"What is a school union?" a new student asked.

"School Union is when all academy schools in Virginia will gather and unite and make friends and bond with other schools. We do this every year to keep our loyalty alive." student vice president said. "So, we will spend the whole afternoon preparing things. We are going to stay at the Jones Field that has rooms. Any questions?"

"How many days are we going to stay there?" the new student asked.

"Five days." all of us said.

"Anymore questions?"

"What time are we going there?" Kylie asked.

"We will all gather at the soccer field at 5:00 so we can travel and arrive earlier than the other schools so that we will have a place to stay. No more questions?"

"What time are we going to wake up?" Kylie asked Ariane. "So that we can go together."

"4:30 if you want. The bathrooms are not yet occupated at that eary in the morning." Ariane said.

I looked at the other table and saw Justin and his two friends. I got bothered by thm because they are being noisy. "Can you please be quiet?" I told them.

"Be quiet guys." Justin said to his friends. "Psst Belle." I looked at him. "I think it will be better if your friends and mine combine. You know. Your friends will be my friends and my friends will be yours."

"Sure?" I said in confusion. "why?"

"Trust me. It'll be fun." Justin said. He stood up and his friends followed him out of the cafeteria.

"Who is that handsome?" Kylie said.

"My classmate." I said.

"Are you two close?"

"A little. Why?"

"He's so handsome. All those muscles, fierce blue eyes, fair skin, and shining black hair. He looks so fair."

"What are you talking about?" I asked. "Kylie. You sound so weird. What's got into you?"

"Nothing. Anyways, what did he say?"

"He said if it'll be ok if all of us can be friends with him."

"What did you say?"

"I said it's ok."

"Ok. I think it'll be fun."

We went to the girls' dorm. We both opened our rooms so that we can see each other's things. We gave Ariane the money we are going to bring, Jillian has all the snacks, Kylie has the makeups and first aid kit, and I have the things we are going to use when we will be bored. We brought our own clothes of course. While the others were still fixing theirs, I went out to go to my secret place, a place where one goes. The small building is made up of bricks and the wooden door has small holes in it. I went inside to clean it. I opened the flashlight from my phone then I saw a figure standing there.

"What are you doing here?" I asked and he shouted.

"I was about to ask you the same thing." Justin said.

"This is my secret place. No one knows about this place."

"Well not until now. By the way, I'm a secret agent for two years already and no one knows." He said. I covered my mouth. "What? Have you ever seen a young secret agent? Or any secret agents? Well. Here I am."

"Well, nice to meet you. I am also a young secret agent." I said.

"I thought I am the only secret agent here."

"Me too."

"How many years did you become a young secret agent?"

"Three years." I sat down on the table. "Listen carefully." He came near me to listen to what I'm going to say. "There's a girl I usually see during School Union for the past two years. The agency told me that there's something wrong with her. Every time there's a School Union, I wanted to catch her out but I can't since I can't do it myself. Every move she makes is weirder than how a normal person should act."

"So, you're going to catch her out this time?"

"Since you are a young SA, you're going to help me. We are going to observe her first for the first two days then plan to catch her during the last three days." I said.

"Are you sure she'll be there?" he asked.

"Yes. That's why we both need to be together during the School Union all the time."


Then my phone rang. "Hello?" I said as I answered the call. "Ok. I'm coming."

"Who is that?" he asked.

"It's Ariane. Cafeteria is open. We must not tell our friends we're secret agents ok? They will just find out if they will. We must act we're not yet close. We'll be close during the School Union. Let's pretend we just started our friendship." I said. "I need to go first." I went outside and walked towards the cafeteria. The birds fly on the pinkish sky. Everytime the sun sets, he sky turns pink unlike any other places. I took my food and sat down with my friends and Justin's friends.

"Hi! Did I make you wait?" I asked.

"No." Ariane said.

"Isabelle, where's Justin?" Francis asked, if that's what his name is. We are all in the same class except Kylie but I don't know their names.

"I don't know. You can call me Belle."

"But we call her Isy. Just us." Jillian said.

"What can I call you?" I asked him just to make sure what his name is.

"Just Francis." He said and I sat down beside him.

"How about you?" I asked the other guy.

"Just Gerald."

"Ok." I said and turned to Ariane and whisphered. "I totally don't know the names of these guys that's why I asked." Ariane chuckled.

"Hi guys! Sorry I make you wait." Justin said. Ariane looked at him and at me.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked Ariane.

"Nothing." Ariane said and starts to eat.

"Anyways, let's eat." Kylie said. Justin sat down beside Gerald.

Justin and I acted normal. We don't talk together that much like the normal days.

I woke up when I heard my alarm, the next day. I went to the bathroom and wore white shirt, black leathered jacket and black skirt. I bowed down and wore my black ankle high boots. I went out and met Ariane who just woke up, opened their room's door. I told Ariane I am going to eat breakfast. When I arrived at the cafeteria and met Gerald and Francis. They waved their hands.

"Where are the others?" Francis said.

"They just woke up. Where's Justin?" I asked.

"He's preparing his bags." Francis said and handed me a plate and a food tray.

"Thanks." I said and grabbed it. "Why is he still preparing?"

"Because he didn't prepare yesterday."

"Why didn't you guys prepare earlier? The Student Vice President told us to prepare but you didn't."

"But our deans woke us up early and I still want to sleep." Gerald said.

"At least your deans woke you up. At the girls' dorm, our deans didn't even knock our doors to wake us up."

I took my food and sat beside Gerald. When we were eating, Justin came in and grabbed his food and stood beside me. I looked at him as he looked at me too.

"What?" I asked.

"I usually sat beside Gerald."

"Then? What's the problem if I sat beside him?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter.He is my friend."

"You said before, your friends are my friends are my friends and my friends were yours." I said still glued on the seat.

"Why are you fighting over a seat?" Gerald asked.

Justin sighed and sat infront of Gerald. Ariane came in, grabbed her food and sat beside me. Ariane told me that Jillian and Kylie are preparing to come.

"Why does everyone wake up lately now that we are going somewhere?" Francis asked.

"Francis," Ariane said. "girls needs lots of time to prepare."

The boys except Justin stood up and walked out after eating. A little while, I also went to the dorm and brushed my teeth and carried my bag to put it in the bus. I carried two bags and a small backpack. Gerald saw me and offered to carry one of my bags. I put my bag beside the bus' window. After a few hours, the Joined Squad, that's what we call our whole squad, came and put our bags beside each other at the bus. The Principal came and we gathered. I looked at the still 'dark' sky. The sun has not yet risen but don't worry, it will rise later.

"So, since it is School Union, all of you will go wherever you want but must be careful at all times. But you can't smoke or get drunk alright? If I see someone not following it, you will be by my side the whole time when we have our programs and everyone doesn't like that right? I give you freedom. But if you are just gonna abuse the freedom I give you, I will not give you extra points on your exams. Ok that's all and go."

The Joined Squad went all together in a bus. We sat at the back part. I sat beside Ariane. Well. I will be all tired after this journey. We left the school even before the sun rises. I slept in the bus to gather energy. Later will be a whole chaos so I need to be energized.

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