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AA Paylaş

All Around You

All around you becomes wetness.

There is no need for fearing.

Now, we are one and the same.

Just hold me tight against you.

I need to feel your heartbeat.

All around you, there is nothing but desire.

I feel you, burning under my skin.

I taste you, like the sweetest liquor.

Nothing else matters for me.

Nightly king of my hidden desires.

Pristine bruise of my heart.

Nothing can erase these memories.

Hide your feelings, but I know the truth.

All around you is what you feel for me.

Dare to be honest with yourself?

21 Nisan 2021 20:08:36 0 Rapor Yerleştirmek Hikayeyi takip edin

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Patricia Pixie Poesía y microrrelatos son mis pequeños grandes placeres a la hora de escribir.

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