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At a time when Romania was Wallachia, there was a powerful king named Mircea who made any sacrifice to protect his people, but this king had a deadly disease, realizing that there was no way out and that a war was approaching and the king made a pact. , who sold his soul and who turned his illness into his own source of power and curse. Mircea, the man who gave birth to vampires and the grandfather of the mighty Dracula.

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Boala, Pactul, Inceputul

At a time when Romania was Wallachia there was a king, this king was fighting to protect his people and make his country a great empire, this king was called Mircea I the Elder. Mircea was the son of Prince Radu I of the Bassarabe dynasty, Mircea was a very powerful and very wise king, he devised great war strategies to defeat his enemies and he was a man of great respect.

The king had a wife, who was the result of a marriage arranged by his parents, his wife was Maria Tolmay, a beautiful woman but very greedy and treacherous, although married, she ran away hidden to meet with her lovers who were single men of the cut.

Mircea, despite being a very powerful king, he had a weakness, a terrifying disease, that plagued him, and that concerned him not only himself, but also his loyal soldiers. The king had anemia which in ancient times was unknown, sickle cell anemia, which had many wounds, and some became raw meat. If the wounds were not open, they felt terrible pains in his body which he screamed, frightening his servants who passed by his room.

Mircea was a young king at the age of 34, he looked dejected due to illness and nights spent thinking about war strategies, he had brown locks and dark eyes with deep dark circles, and a beard over his face. His body extremely thin and pale, many of his soldiers wondered how their king managed to fight with that physical state.

His wife, on the other hand, was a vain woman, she wore luxurious dresses, and her appearance took many sighs, her skin was very white due to the anemia that she also had and that was hereditary and was also caused by the lack of food, since she did not she liked to eat, her hair was black and her eyes were brown and very seductive, she had a thin body and full breasts that drew the attention of men.

In 1389 Mircea saw that the Ottoman Empire was expanding a lot, invading large cities and enslaving the population, fearing for his people, the king allied with Emperor Sigismundo in order to make a war against the expansion of the Ottoman Empire which was very well planned by Mircea.

Just in the week that they were preparing to attack Mircea, he felt severe pain in his body and discovered a large wound behind his thigh, realizing that the healers of the time could not find a solution, his soldiers sought help until they found an old gypsy who said she found a great gypsy. solution for the king, the soldiers took her to the castle.

In his candlelit room, lying and in great pain, the king moaned in a breath wondering how long those pains and suffering would last, even though he was lying in his comfortable bed and being warmed by the fireplace, the pain was still unbearable, suddenly he heard if three strokes, and with the breathless groan he gave permission to whoever passed.

—Your Highness, I found a woman who says she has the solution.—Says one of the soldiers. The king gestures for her to enter his room.

—What is the solution to my suffering, woman?— Asked the king, surrounded by soldiers and the woman in front of him.

—Majesty, I know a friend, she lives in hills and usually performs rituals in full moon, I can guarantee your highness, that she will heal your majesty.—Speaks the old woman.

— A sorceress? —Asks the king.

—Yes, she can summon a demon to which she can heal the highness and face wars, even she can give you great wealth and a lot of power.—Said the woman making the king be thoughtful.

—Where does she usually stay? I'll go there! —Said the king.

—As she said before, she usually stays in the hills. She usually performs rituals involving sacrifices.—Speaks the woman.

— What kinds of sacrifices? — Asks the king.

—She usually uses animals, but, to fulfill your majesty's request, a human sacrifice will be necessary ... A sacrifice that involves a pure child.—Speaks the woman making the king be thoughtful about such a sacrifice.

—Do you still intend to do it, Your Majesty?— Asks the woman, drawing the king's attention.

—Yes. I will sacrifice a child.—Speak the king looking at the flames of the fireplace.

Upon arrival in the evening the king volunteered, and the soldiers captured a poor street child who was treated and together with the king and with the help of his soldiers they were taken to a hill following the gypsy, upon arriving at the site they noticed that it was a dark and simple place. It was in the middle of a forest, there was a small house and in front of it there was an altar that was inside a circle with a pentagram, the place smelled of blood, nearby you could see a woman emerging from the forest, with clothes black women, owner of red hair and green eyes and carried a goat.

—Ileana? What are you doing here? —The woman asks as the gypsy approaches her.

—What does the king do here?—Whispers the woman, already close to the gypsy.

—I brought the king because he wants to sign a pact.—Answers the gypsy called Ileana.

— A pact? —Asks the curious woman.

—Yes.—Ileana answers.

—Good night, your majesty, what do you want from me? —Asks the woman, going towards the king, immediately bowing.

—Well, your friend informed me that you can summon a demon in order to heal me. Really ...? —asks the king.

—Yes, but for every sacrifice there is an expensive price to pay, and I don't mean gold.—Speaks the woman.

—I am aware of that, I bring a child with me.—Speaks the king gesturing for the soldier to introduce the child.

—Can I touch it? —Speak the woman and the king nods.

The woman approaches the child who looked around in fright and the woman calmed him. The child appeared to be six years old, had blond hair and big brown eyes, the child's aura and energy was perfect for a macabre ritual.

—She will be great for sacrifice.—Replies the woman.

—How should I call you? — Asks the king.

—Diora.—Responds the woman going to the altar.

The woman enters her house and brings a bag and soon afterwards comes back again and appears with a bucket of water which she throws at the altar, drawing all the blood and rot and immediately afterwards spreading water on the pentagram that rose a thin black and somber smoke, after that, she opens her purse and takes out a knife decorated with ruby ​​and a strange book.

—Everything is ready.—Speak the woman.

—Take the child.—Orders the king terrifying the child who was crying and struggling.

The woman asks the soldiers to hold the child to begin the ritual, the child struggles desperately especially when he sees the dagger in the woman's hand, she opens the book and reads the page in a strange dialect and slightly similar to the Romanian, after reading the page, she puts the knife in the chest of the child who spits blood, the blood began to gush and fall into the pentagram which then begins to come out black smoke that covers the body of the child, and then a sitting silhouette appears on the child's body.

—Who was the fool? Who spit the name of God and refused the gates of heaven? Who chose darkness over light? —Asks the silhouette in a dark voice.

—I.—Answers the king.

—What will be the foolish wish that I will fulfill? Wealth, women ...-—Speak the silhouette.

—Cure. I want healing to face my enemies and save my people.—Interrupts Mircea.

—Interesting, will you deny heaven, will you deny God to make the pact? — Asks the devil.

—I will deny everything even God, before everything and everyone.—The king replies.

—Good, know that you will no longer be able to gather or step on sacred ground. Well, do you have one more request? I can do even one more.—Speak calm silhouette.

—Yes ... I long for power, power to defeat everyone who opposes me and my kingdom.—Replies the thoughtful king and then answering.

—Okay, then, what exactly do you want me to heal you for?—Asks the figure, the king raises the sleeves of his robes, showing new wounds forming on his arm.

—I understand, I know exactly what I can do, but there is a condition.—Speak the silhouette.

—And which would it be? —Asks the king.

—In addition to devouring your soul, you will carry a curse, which will pass from generation to generation, I will transform your disease to its source of power and its own curse.—Responds to the silhouette making the king open his eyes and look at the altar thoughtfully .

—Done? —Asks the silhouette.

—Done.—Responds the king.

The silhouette rises and goes towards the king who soon feels tense making the soldiers prepare to attack, but the king makes the gesture in signal to leave. The silhouette extends his right hand, it was a black hand as if it had been consumed by flames for a long time and with huge black and pointed nails, the king shakes the silhouette's hand and immediately afterwards feels enormous pain throughout his body, the soldiers would attack the silhouette but were thrown to the ground by a barrier of thorns.

The king felt all his bones break, his eyes burn and his skin burn, and he felt the nail of the figure in the palm of his hand, the pain was tearing as if the figure was pulling his hand.

—Your thirst will be intense, your thirst will be for life, human life, your thirst will be eternal, and your offspring will carry your thirst.—Said the silhouette that soon releases the hand of the king who falls to the ground, writhing in pain and silhouette disappears.

—Majesty! —Says one of the soldiers not hit by the thorns to get up and go towards you.-Is the Highness all right?

—I ...—The king speaks, opening his eyes and looking at things in more detail.

—How strange.— Mircea speaks getting up and soon after she smells a sweet and ferrous smell, feeling a great thirst, the king looks at the altar and sees the dead child.

—What a strange thing ... —Speaks Mircea.

—Vampire.—Diora whispers looking at the king in front of him.

—What? —Asks the man looking at the woman.

—The curse ... It is being a vampire, the intense and uncontrollable thirst for blood. —Answers Diora.

The king looks away from the witch in front of him and raises his hand, he draped his robe and found no injuries, he felt light and felt no trace of pain, the same look at one of his soldiers, some were covered by small, thin thorns that looked at him in shock.

—How do you feel, majesty?

—I'm ... I'm fine, I'm weird, but weirdly good ...— The king speaks then smiling, making the soldiers smile along with him.

The king thanks the woman and hands her a bag full of gold and jewelry, and gives the same to the gypsy and returns to the castle to find Maria in the hall talking to one of the women.

—What are you doing standing up? You are sick, you cannot walk around.—Alert Maria approaching the man.

—I'm not anymore.—Answers the king.

—Isn't that what? —Asks the woman.

—I am sick ... I am finally healed. —The king replied calmly.

—And how did you do it?— Asked the curious woman.

Mircea just smiled and went to the office leaving the woman alone and thoughtful, she followed the king to find him sitting writing something.

—How did you manage to get well out of nowhere? — Asks the frightened woman.

—Does that answer your question? —Speaks the man showing his mouth with sharp fangs and scaring the woman.

—What did you do? — Asks the woman walking away frightened, the king gets up and goes towards the woman quickly.

—This matter will remain only between us, nothing to tell anyone.—Speaks the king whispering in his ear.

—I understand, but what did you do? — Asks the woman.

—A pact.—Replies the man by turning his face away from her ear and scaring the brunette.

The woman is paralyzed staring at a fixed point in the room, the king looks at her and the woman looks away and stares into the eyes of the king who turned a bright red scaring her. The king turns away completely from the woman and sits down and the woman looks at him in fright.

—Call one of the guards, and let him know that I am hungry.—Replies the king, staring into his wife's eyes.

—Wouldn't you be a servant you should be calling?

—The food that I will eat will not be the servants that I will prepare, as they would not have the courage to kill.—The king replies, scaring the woman.

—What did you become?— Asks the woman.

—A being that feeds on blood.—He answers looking at the woman and then looks away.—Go and call the guards.

Maria slowly leaves the place and goes towards one of the guards who followed the king, ordering what the king asked in shock. The woman goes to the chambers and sits on the bed and starts to think.

—Now am I powerful like him? If I join him, will we have a strong kingdom? —Thinks the woman, smiling slightly.

The soldiers at great cost manage to bring the body of a young girl who died a few hours ago, and deliver it to the king's office, who was a little anxious about hunger, when he saw the body of the young girl passed out in his chair, starts to tremble and asks for his soldiers leave, the king calmly approaches the body, smelling the strong smell of blood, he approaches his face on the neck and slowly bites the young girl's neck and starts to drink the blood there, the thirst does not quench and then begins to bite the woman's body until there isn't a drop of blood left.

—I can't go on like this, I can't drink innocent blood ...—Says the king, moving away from the woman and sitting down.

—The prisoners, the enemies ... I will drink from him ...—Thinks the king, looking at the ground and then immediately looking at the young girl's body, the king realizes that he was soiled with blood and quickly begins to clean , then he decided to call the guards to remove the young woman's body and bury it in a decent place. After that the king gathers the soldiers to prepare for war.

Ready, the two kings gathered their armies together, formed 25 thousand men, only 10 thousand were from Sigismund and the 15 thousand were from Mircea, fighting against 27 thousand men from the Ottoman Empire, all were in the southwest of Wallachia, in front of Taratul de Vidin an Ottoman territory and with them came soldiers. The men formed a line as requested by Mircea, adjusted their shields, some soldiers feared the great Ottoman army which seemed well prepared to attack.

—Don't fear them, we are the strongest, we are the most powerful, do not bow your heads, prepare your swords and shields, today will be a day of blood and glory!

—Go on! —Mircea screams and the soldiers along with Mircea goes towards the other army that was also going towards them.

Mircea ran towards and with his sword killed his enemies by cutting off their heads and knocked him down with his shield with great force, thrusting their swords into the bodies of their enemies with an impressive force, in the midst of the crowd that was concentrating on the war, the king was hungry and enjoying the moment the king bit his enemies who tried to kill him by ingesting a little of each blood, defeating them with ease and help, their companions in battle when they were trapped, and the war won with the victory of the Valakian people who prevented the invasion of the Ottomans in Wallachia, and the soldiers returning home celebrating the victory.

Few wounded soldiers, but still alive to celebrate their victories, and few dead to the sadness of some, but sadness did not invade and much less prevented the party in the king's castle, which was full of old men, handsome gentlemen and young men, and ladies with their low-cut dresses looking for a man to marry, the party was going on with lots of drink and food. Taking advantage of the party and Mircea's return to the palace Maria began to put her plans into action, which was to seduce her husband.

The huge and very well-lit palace, with its pure linen curtains and red colors, there was Mircea who took a glass to drink his wine as usual, when drinking immediately spit feeling the horrible taste, the king suspected and looked around, everyone drank the same wine and showed no dissatisfaction with the drink, thinking that someone might be trying to poison him discreetly called his soldiers and ordered them to watch the people present and the kitchen, after which the king tried to get one of the snacks present in the at the table and again he felt the terrible taste of the food, the king found it strange again and suddenly Maria appeared, passing her hands on his shoulders in an attempt to seduce the man, when speaking she was interrupted by her husband.

—Take it and tell me if it tastes good.—Speak the king, handing him the fork with a slice of roasted turkey, the suspicious woman accepts and eats.

—It is very delicious. Why the question? — Asks the woman taking more of the roasted chicken.

—How strange, the taste is horrible.—Replies Mircea.

—It must be something in your head.—Replies the wife.

—No, no, even the wine is awful. Is someone trying to poison me? —Mircea asks.

—If it were poison you would be dead, and just as you have not fallen hard on the ground now, then it is not poison.—Replies the woman whispering in her ear.

—What do you want? —Asks the king, finding his wife's strange attitude.

—One night ...— The woman speaks biting her lips.

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