This is the story of what happens when two unexpected people falls in love,

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The Beginning

I woke up early that day. I got up from bed, showered, and was going to have breakfast when suddenly my friend Diane called.

"Hey, so sorry to bug you, but I need a huge favor to ask."

"Sure, what is it?" I asked.

"I need you to come with me to an interview. I'm too nervous about going by myself!"


"Henry Cavill is going to be there!!! I'm going to interview him, and I cannot go by myself. He's way too hot, and I'm way too nervous about being there by myself. Please!!!"

I really did not like the idea of being near such guy: tall, incredibly handsome, gorgeous eyes, great body, and perfect smile. Also, I am a total disaster, although much worse than Diane. She knows how to flirt and hide her nervousness, whereas I giggle, cannot keep eye contact and blush incredibly easy.

"Please say, yes! I'll make sure you can take a picture with him!"

That actually made it worse. Me next to him, with my crazy giggling and my face all flustered?! Heck no!

"Okay, since you're not answering, I'm coming for you, bye!!!"

Oh no, this is not happening, I thought.

I tried to call her, but she turned off her phone.

Shit! I better get ready.

I had no idea what to wear, so I took all the clothes out of my closet and see what I had. Nothing was suitable to wear. Crap!

Ok, breath, breath... you'll find something.

I finally decided to go casual: some blue pants and a cute blouse. Something comfortable but also lovely. I did not want to be all extravagant because I would mostly feel uncomfortable... and that was not my style.

Finally, Diane arrived.

"Is that what you're wearing?!"

"Yeah, what's wrong with it?"

"Hmm, nothing."

I knew she said it because she looked much better than I did, so she would have much higher chances of having something with Henry Cavill. I hated myself for it, but I was way too shy to wear tight clothes and be all sexy.

Once we jumped in the taxi, Diane was so happy she was singing in the car, and I absolutely regretted the outfit I chose. I looked so average, so ordinary in comparison to her...

Ugh, I need to stop putting myself down.

We arrived in a large building, took the elevator up to the seventeenth floor, and knocked on room 1741, where it had a Superman logo. A security guy opened the door, Diane showed her press pass, and we got in.

That was when it hit me: I saw Henry Cavill, and he was not alone.

My jaw dropped...

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