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He can make your wish come true but you will have to pay dearly for it

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I want wealth

This story is translated from the original in spanish.

Karen Shmidt was another victim of his wishes.

Her family was going through severe financial problems: they owed several months of payment on her mortgage, her mother could no longer pay for her chemotherapy sessions and, despite having applied to several universities, all would cost money and the public university was not an option for her. She was very ambitious but not enough to work and earn her own money.

She searched the networks for someone who could cut "the bad luck" of her family; a spell, sell her soul, invocations, whatever. She was blinded and determined to make this life more bearable, and then she would pay the price.

So, among the many searches for her, she found a site called "Munro", which seemed to be a santeria, but was full of negative comments.

-Makes you pay dearly.

-He's going to cheat on you.

-Don't believe him, he will help you but not as you think.

He was apparently a witch and was not far from his town. Karen decided to look for him and copied the address to go the next day. The problem? Her address was not on the virtual maps. She had to orient herself.

After seeing old guides and maps of her father, she was able to get going. She took a bus to the neighboring city and then, she was guided by asking on the street until she found an alley. A long corridor that led to a dark wooden door, with a strange carving, as if it had been done with a knife. And the carving read "Munro".

She saw a sign that said: "Open from 9am to 4pm. Call only once and wait." and, next to it, an antique gold bell.

Karen pressed the bell, a tune out of tune sound, and waited.

Two minutes passed and no one came out.

She got impatient and knocked again but as soon as her finger rang the bell, the door swung open.

A young-looking man, with various piercings, alternative clothing, fair skin, short blue hair, and a piercing gaze, opened and look her fiercely.

-Can't you read?- He said reluctantly but with a sarcastic tone.

-Oh ... I ... I'm sorry.-she answered a little nervous.

-All Karens are the same.-he said and made a gesture with his hand.-Come on in.

-How do you know my name?-She asked, entering little by little.

-All humans are the same to me. Welcome to Munro, I'm Jake Munro. Owner, administrator, seller, and whatever.- Karen looked around her a little surprised. Books of many kinds, bowls with raw ingredients for witchcraft, a cat with gray and black hair looked at her from the counter, and even bones displayed on a sideboard.

-I'm Karen Shmidt. Your store is ... peculiar.-was the only thing she could say. Jake approached the counter, standing behind it.

-Thank you! Now, what do you like to buy? Frog's legs? Belladonna leaves? I have the latest Harvey Potter book.- She wrinkled her nose uncomfortably.

-No. Let's see, I don't know how to say it...

-I can offer you the latest from Kit Von T: bases of different shades that will make you look young and beautiful, for four hours. Not recommended for women over thirty years old.-he said showing her a couple of glass jars.

-No. I came here because they told me that someone could help me with my problem.

-Ah. You come to see Romoon.-she said nodding.-I'll go for him. Don't touch anything.-and disappeared behind a curtain.

"I wouldn't do it crazy." She said rolling her eyes, looking at the books for a moment.

It's when the lights in the place blinked off. In the middle of the tent a green pentacle was drawn on the floor in blinding light. Followed by a ghoulish laugh and a guttural scream. Karen reached for the door but she wouldn't budge and, in a panic, she backed up against the wall. From that symbol, a hooded being came out with his black body except his hands. The aurora was turned off, the lights of the store came back on and that mysterious being took off his hood.

-I always wanted to introduce myself this way. Convincing?- It was the same Jake but now with a strange makeup. Thick black covered him up to the neck, his face was pale with blue markings, a third eye closed on his forehead, his eyes were now dark green, and his mouth was marked with black so that it looked that he had finished eating.

Karen was scared and clinging to the library.

-Good. Let's get to the point. I am the son of the Omamori, who spin their bags to give fortune and protection to others. Despite this, I do not work in the same way. I can fulfill the wish you want. Any wish. But it has a price. So tell me what you want.-she spoke walking back to the counter.

-I want fortune. A lot. I want enough money to help us get out of all debt, buy another car, pay all my tuition ...

-Tell me your wish, not the story of your life!- Jake yelled annoyed.

-I want to be a billionaire!-She answered, backing up a bit.

-That's better. Now, your wish will be fulfilled tomorrow. The price will be the following: you will give me ten years of what you have left in life and I will return to you in a year to steal your voice. That's my price.-I take out a big red book, opening it to a page already marked. There was a contract already drawn up and the only wrote its price with a red ink pen. Then I turn the book to Karen.-If you agree, sign.

-Wait, what language is this in?


-I can't sign if I don't know what it says!

-Well, there is the exit.-he said annoyed.-It says your name, your wish, that you will accept this contract in full use of your mental and physical faculties, and more lawyer nonesense. Either sign or leave, don't waste my time.

Karen looked at the contract and the pen for a moment. Give up her voice and ten years of her life? Then I think about it.

"In the digital age, I don't need my voice. And I live life to the fullest, I won't notice the difference."

So I take the pen and sign with her name and surname. Then Jake snapped the book closed and grinned, showing his black teeth.

-A pleasure to meet you, enjoy your wish.- Karen smiled a little but she immediately left, running to the bus stop. She knew in her mind that she did the right thing but her heart was filled with a fear that she had never felt before. She slowly she began to smile. Her problems would end in the morning!

As Romoon promised, the Shmidts hit the jackpot. Between the tickets that the three bought from different contests, they totaled $ 10,004,600,687,532. Karen couldn't believe that her wish had really come true but she now she could finally live as she wanted.

They bought a new house, cars, parties, new friends, debt-free, going public, and being able to study without working. It was the best year ever for the Shmidts.

A year passed. The payment date was approaching, although Karen was so busy in her own world of wealth that she did not remember it.

That night, her family had gathered her friends for a party. Her mother had beaten cancer! The cooks prepared a great feast in the open air, while the music played and some danced.

Soon the lights began to blink until they exploded. The doors closed, a strong wind began to blow and only the light of the moon let us see a little of everything. Karen then remembered and clung to her mother.

Romoon's macabre laugh began to echo, growing louder. Everyone looked everywhere, not understanding what was happening.

- "I see dead people" .- was heard behind Karen and this one with her mother fell back scared into the crowd. It was Romoon, this time with a more terrifying make-up, simulating a skull with bloodied eye sockets. He laughed a little and then said:

-Goodnight everyone. Sorry to interrupt your celebration. Mrs. Shmidt, I congratulate your strength in the face of such a horrendous disease.- he spoke reverently.

-Who the hell are you ?!- shouted Arthur Shmidt.

-Precisely.- Romoon replied. -Karen and I made a deal, it's time for her to pay.

-What are you talking about?- Asked Emma Shmidt.

-Her daughter came to me requesting a change in her life. Do you think you hit each lottery ticket just by luck?-The witcher nod his head, smiling.- So Karen, step forward. Let's do this quick.

-You are not going to hurt my daughter.- Her mother stood in front of Karen as well as the rest of the crowd and her father, giving her the opportunity to flee.

-Madam, don't mess with me or that cancer tumor may come back tomorrow.- He was already getting impatient. Arthur went up to him with a shotgun and pointed it at him.

-Get out of my house!

-I wouldn't do that if I was you.- Romoon warned him.

-1! -The witcher did not move. -2!

-He has ants in his pants.- And out of nowhere, thousands of red ants began to get into his clothes, beginning to sting and poison him.

The crowd went wild with panic and started running looking for a way out. Romoon noticed that Karen was gone and saw a piece of clothing in the distance on the garden railings.

-Agh ... why are you making it difficult?- He murmured, pulling out two silver Egyptian blades from his coat.

Karen ran around the neighborhood, looking back in case she saw him coming. She believed that she would be safe with more people so she ran to hide in a circus style fair.

She paid for her admission and surround herself with people near the fire-breathing man show.


She heard him close and tried to locate him with paying attention.

-Do not make it harder.

She caught a glimpse of him and when she saw him closer to her, she pushed the arson man and he spat fire at him, making him scream holding her face.

Karen seized the opportunity and fled.

-Okay, now I'm angry!- Romoon yelled with a burned half face slowly healing.

Karen hid in the mirror maze. It was wide and dimly lit, but somehow she made him feel safe.

A mirror near her shattered and she could see Romooon in the others.


She started running, getting lost in the maze.

-You're trapped, Karen.

She saw him closer and closer but in every mirror, so she wouldn't know where she was.

-We signed a contract. Did you forget it or you seek to forget it?

She went back to the beginning and grabbed a broken mirror glass to defend herself with.

-Besides, Karen, you forgot a detail.

Turning around, Romoon was there.

He thrust his dagger into her belly and she couldn't even cry out.

-For running away from me, now you owe me twenty-five years of your life!- His blade began to absorb those twenty-five years, leaving Karen with an appearance of forty-three years.-Enjoy it.

He removed the dagger and let her victim fall to the ground, weakened. Next, he pulled out a black box the size of a chess piece, and opened it near her face so that a small sphere would pop out of Karen's mouth. Her voice. Also had it in her power.

Romoon kept his weapon and loot from him, and took a deep breath.

-Time to go home.

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