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Julia has lost her loving mother, and she is really unhappy as a result. She believes that if she keeps searching, she'll find the answers to all of her burning questions somewhere out there. She is desperate to find the truth, and it will take her on a journey that will change her life forever. But where will it lead her?

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The family's lost

Here's Julia... She's always trying to make the best of every situation, even though her life has been pretty tough. Her mom died in a car accident, so she lives with her dad now. She is going through an unbearable amount of physical and emotional pain. Her dad always buys things because he thinks he has to buy her happiness, and her friend Simón is from Mexico. Simón always tells her that in Mexico, people are happy with what they have and don't need material things to be happy. The two love to skateboard together, but they don't get to do it as often as they'd like. There is no one more important to her than her family and close friends. It had only been a short while since they moved to Brazil, but she already felt at home.
Julia loves the stars the most, as she always says:
"We think the stars are the stars of the night, but they are actually the sun on Mars. Shining stars, my stars."
Julia has always been special and creative, even as a young child. It's Julia's very first day of school today, and she's feeling more than a little anxious. She's been telling Simón all morning how much she doesn't want to go, and how she doesn't feel ready yet. As she gazed up at the clear night sky, she said a silent prayer, "God, I'm just 14 years old. Please let me live a long and happy life."
Despite Julia's paralysing fear, she reminded herself that everything would be fine as long as she took care of herself. All she wanted was to return home to see her family again...

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