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Black Cats Are Bad Luck

Contracts with demons usually end with the contractor's soul being taken. Make a contract with two, and you're walking on thin ice. Lavender Kingsley knew her fate and yet.. she's willing to do wh... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Cruel Sacrifices

After committing a murder with her friends, Andrea's only now regretting it. The others don't feel guilty, and they all agree that the crime would never be solved, so they put it all behind them bu... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

El susurro del silencio

Tras doce años desaparecida, Lillian Masters aparece, a la edad de veinte años, tirada a las orillas de un río, completamente desnuda y medio muerta. No recuerda nada de lo que ha pasado, ninguna c... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Life isn't getting easier

It's about the thoughts i have during my life journey. Check it out and i hope i would inspire you or something you can relate with. New beginnings aren't always that easy. It's better together the... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Master of Dragons

Was it so wrong for her to learn swordsmanship? Yes, after all woman were supposed to be frail, and quiet homemakers. Alas, she was anything but. Her dear father encouraged her whims, letting her e... OKUMAYA BAŞLA


Shayla is human. Normal? Well, you can make up your mind on that one. She visits her brother. She needs to tell him something but is having some difficulty finding the strength to. In a town where... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Racing Against the Constellations

19 year old Camilla Jackson is the most dazzling personality of Prime High, one of the most prestigious institutions of Atlanta, Georgia. Disciplined and industrious, her life goal of becoming an ‘... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The Golden Alchemist

Agnes Winter, primeira mulher a se tornar uma Alquimista Federal em Amestris, leva uma vida relativamente normal após o fim da perturbadora Guerra Civil de Ishval. Trabalhando como médica cirurgiã ... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Zaylee (PAUSED)

A year ago I committed a suicide attempt, and I can assure you that I did it not because I was selfish, I did it because I just wanted to end the suffering, a nightmare from which I could not wake ... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Cut some Slack

Hello, My name is Kyra and I am a 16 year old from a small town in Wisconsin but I've been around almost everywhere it feels like to be honest. This is the story of my life and how far I've come. I... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Filthy Dark Secrets

Every hero has a villainous side which becomes a FILTHY DARK SECRET. ___________________________________________ "Don't worry, you are safe here Miss Alpha ." He said while pulling on the chains ... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Filthy Dark Secrets

Every hero has a villainous side which becomes a FILTHY DARK SECRET. ___________________________________________ "Don't worry, you are safe here Miss Alpha ." He said while pulling on the chains ... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

forever mankind (traducción al español)

(discurso real) Forever mankind (por siempre será de la humanidad) es uno de los discursos mas hermosos jamás escritos, cualquier escritor de ciencia ficción que se precie, debiese leérselo al men... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Mi peor dolor

Estoy dispuesta a contarles de esta manera muchas experiencias de vida, dando moral y apoyo, solo quiero que tengamos interacción, ustedes me ayudan con mis redacciones y yo les ayudo con consejos,... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

My Old Friend

She knew who she was, then the War started. She was drafted. (To be updated as the story gets told) OKUMAYA BAŞLA

She Prince

Wan ke was murdered in the age of 16 trying to save his 12 year old step sister. To take over the kingdom,power and to be the top general XingXing disguises herself as a boy taking her brother's na... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Stay Alive

Pain is temporary, stay strong my friend. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The Devil whisperd in my ear Today

The Devil whispered in my ear today You are not strong enough to withstand the storm, today I whispered in the devil's ear, I am the storm! Finally everything is over, and he is under lock and key... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

You Finally Confessed To Me

Why did you push me away, I asked him? of course he didn't say did you push me away Dijun , I asked he said nothing so I walked away and he grabbed me and held me tight and looked into my eyes and ... OKUMAYA BAŞLA