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Years have passed and his hunger grows. She is unwilling to accept her destiny. Only time will tell if the two can come to terms with their destiny as it is already set in motion. . . OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Expresión Poética

¡[email protected] a mi poemario, disfruta tu lectura! Pd: Dios es quien inspira y le da vida a Expresión Poética, El dirige la creatividad de mis versos y me anima a usar mi dicción con libertad✨ ... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Girl Fears Ghost Girl

The girl he loves today fears the girl of his memories. Can he convince the living girl that she is now the one? And can he truly get past that other girl who was once so wonderful and so alive? OKUMAYA BAŞLA


A poor girl who lost her parents and suffered alot but met ahandsome rich gentleman who married hee OKUMAYA BAŞLA


Sudden realization of being somebody else's and the hurtful feeling of them not being yours. OKUMAYA BAŞLA