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Call It What You Will

A Spiritual Examination of Sin and what it means to our souls. 🙏 OKUMAYA BAŞLA

C'est La Vie

Clean Rap Battle Lyrics Pushing A New Standard In Hip Hop OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Dieing Souls of Babylon

Current Event Poetic Examination of the N.W.O. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Exemption from Mortality

Poetry/Lyrics about the state of the human existence and a look at frequency. How it effects you and me. 🔥🔥 OKUMAYA BAŞLA


The Truth about Strawman and your corporate fiction. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Rap Battle Me??!

Hip Hop/Rap Battle Lyrics OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The Wizard of Odds

Witty, Poetic banter about luck and life. OKUMAYA BAŞLA