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Fire Resistances come for many races in Alteria. Also in many Forms. In this instance we talk of the natural elemental resistance. If non magical flames are encountered with such resistance it is seemingly only half as effective. The variants of examples vary for natural resistance, such as, Fire genasi, Teiflings, Dragonborn and more. The if the instance is breath based it would be deemed a natural influence of flame, rather than magical. Many are confused as why Fire resistance is so specific.

  January 01, 2023, 09:36
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Alteria is a Inspired Fantasy world based off of the ideas I had come up with for a pen and paper campaign, which I never fully played with a group, the Story will just die if I don't write it out and thus this world is being added and stories are to come soon. Hakkında daha fazlasını okuyun Alteria.

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