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The War Of The Pink Moon happened when our protagonist, Annie, is merely three years of age, the War lasting several years. The War occurred during a Pink supermoon of which had impacted all witches in that timeline, they would no longer age like humans when the war would end. If Annie was to Survive, it would mean their chance of redemption as the Crescents Of Night. Though Asphodel made Granduos efforts to change the outcome, it inevitably was futile. She only could wait for Annie to age.

  November 17, 2022, 01:59
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AWL Alternate Earth
AWL Alternate Earth

The world has seen many wars over history about the seeking out of witches for the sake of hunting. The last time a witch hunt happened it was to change the face of the magical world forever. Hakkında daha fazlasını okuyun AWL Alternate Earth.

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