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camroze Cam Roze

Burning hands is considered a basic spell for most who practice magic. Elementals who are aligned with fire typically can use this particular spell with ease and can refine it farther with more ease than that of a non elemental. Burning hands at higher levels can get to temperatures that melt swords and iron, should the user be advanced with the spell. The draconian races also have ease with this spell in many cases. Many applications can be found for such a spell.

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  December 11, 2022, 19:47
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Marco Campos Marco Campos
December 12, 2022, 01:04

  • Cam Roze Cam Roze
    The official story is being worked on. The universe these microfictions are linked to will have their own stories related. This is one spell I know will be referred to in the story when I publish the first few chapters and so I decided an entry was due. December 12, 2022, 02:47

Alteria is a Inspired Fantasy world based off of the ideas I had come up with for a pen and paper campaign, which I never fully played with a group, the Story will just die if I don't write it out and thus this world is being added and stories are to come soon. Hakkında daha fazlasını okuyun Alteria.

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