Bir rüyaya bu kadar anlam yüklemek mantıklı mıydı? Ah, kimin umurundaydı ki?
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Anılarında Yaşayacağım

Evreninin parçası Rüya Tacirleri Anı manipüle etmenin mümkün olduğu fakat insanların bunun farkında olmadığı bir zamanda tüm hayatımız yalan olabilir miydi? Bir gün farklı bir yerde uyanana dek sorgulama şansımız olmamıştı. Bunu yapanlar neyin peşindeydi ve bizi neler bekliyordu?
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Who, What, Where, When, and Why, a Soul never Dies

This is a short story about a computer generated experiment designed to control the human mind and it's outcome.
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Karışık Anılar

Kendilerine ait olmayan anılara sahip iki insan... Kendi anılarıyla karışan sahipsiz anılar be her an bir yenisi eklenen eski anıları. Sizce sonları ne olacak?
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Guided by the Light at the Edge of the Darkness

Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes and as such has a very extensive maritime history the SS Kamloops being one of its many ghost ships. This fictional tale is woven around historical events.
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The Mystery Letter, It’s Meaning, and How it Changed Everyones Life.

This story is about a young girl's letter, a message and how it changed everyone's lives.
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Game Theory and the Battle for Humanity

The story is about two people from our future and a world controlled. Hope you enjoy reading and get it's very important message.
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The Island Survivor and Liberation

A young man is stranded on an island and has to develop the skills he needs to survive as he progresses through the stages of his life. In the end, will he attain the only liberation that’s needed? Will you?
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The Ticking Leap.

Single man Max goes out to the nightclub in one year, he wakes up in a completely different year, married.
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Dahil: Homeslice Stories. ($3/ay)


Between the noise, I heard a song... Kenopsia: n. the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that’s usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet—a school hallway in the evening, an unlit office on a weekend, vacant fairgrounds—an emotional afterimage that makes it seem not just empty but hyper-empty, with a total population in the ne…
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I went to my inner garden to talk to my friend once again... Monachopsis: n. the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place, as maladapted to your surroundings as a seal on a beach—lumbering, clumsy, easily distracted, huddled in the company of other misfits, unable to recognize the ambient roar of your intended habitat, in which you’d b…
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Stuff of dreams

Another GTP-generated story about a girl who discovers she can turn dreams into reality just by drawing them
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Truly a Man

He was bigger than they thought
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The Transition In Life: The Story Of Corusso Notak

In the technological world of Cinthyatar, society is, for the most part, peaceful. Crimes such as murder and rape are nonexistent, physical currency has been replaced with a social credit system known as 'Relevancy', and the cybernetic humans called Cinthyans have tons of unique features that make them special to not only themselves but to others …
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Like Father, Like Daughter: The Story Of Abygale Hou

The desert can be a scary place. Blistering heat during the day and crippling cold temperatures at night. Planet Nye-El is no exception, only difference being sand spiders the size of full grown hound dogs and various cactus plants that function like Venus Fly Traps. Enter Abigail Hou, the daughter of Randall Hou and the future leader of exiled c…
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The Krystl Princess

Planet Aquidis. Home to a race of sentient water formations that have taken on the human shape, both inwardly and outwardly. Broken up into two tribes, the Korohcee tribe indians reside on the right side of the planet while their enemies, the Chepaa tribe indians, occupy the left. For decades, the two tribes battled viciously for territory but onl…
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48 Hours: The Tale Of Futora

Futora Romanaro's trip to the video implant store gets strange when Larsen Phillips starts acting strange to her... Part of the SARTAM Universe. For better context about this character, please read the first chapter of my original novel, 'SARTAM: Life On Cinthyatar', first.
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Sözlerde saklı hikayeler. Kimse bilmez hayal dünyasında gezinen hikayeyi. Patikalar karşılar seni gizli olanda. Kuş tüyüyle süslenmiş kalem ve mürekkebe bir daldırış... Beyaz sayfa renklendi senin ellerinde. Kalemini verme, kendi hikayendeki kervancısın atın -kalemin- seninle daim olsun.
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Suddenly thrown into a life she can’t remember, Mira is brought back to sharp reality as she struggles to regain her memory. She needs to find the answers faster than ever, especially when relationships start getting complicated…
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Bir ölümsüzün, bir ölümlüye vedası Pandora'nın kutusunu açar. Binlerce yıldır arayışta olan bir canavar ve aradığı şeyi ona bir tepside sunan sıradan bir sokak çocuğu. Bazen cevaplar toplumun en diplerinde gizlidir, sadece bakmak gerekir.
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Gece Serenadım

Kazanan Hikaye! Yohio'nun My Nocturnal Serenade (Gece Serenadım) adlı şarkısından esinlenilerek yazılmış tek bölümlük bir kısa hikayedir. "Şarkılara Adanmış Hikayeler" adlı kitaptaki Haziran Ayı Yarışması için yazılmış ve yarışmayı kazanmıştır. Merak ediyorsan beklerim. Diğer kurgularıma da göz atmayı unutma;)
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Ahlaki Ölümsüzlük

Ölümsüzlük mü? Yoksa sevdiklerinizin ölümü? Bu korsanların ahlaki savaşı seçim sizin. The Pirate Quest yarışması İçin yazılan hikaye.
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Traveling the Seas

In a world where legends blend with reality, Captain Redbeard and his fearless crew embark on a perilous odyssey. Beyond treacherous seas and mythical creatures, their true challenge lies in deciphering cryptic riddles and confronting moral quandaries. Dive into their enthralling journey as they seek the elusive elixir of immortality, only to disc…
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SARTAM: Tale Of Kayla

Kayla Hoven, aspiring nurse and expert in Cinthyan Anatomy. While her heart is pure, her social skills are not...
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SARTAM: Tale Of Kevin

Meet Kevin Daxx, Cytorae City's pretty boy and master botanist. His love for plants matches his knowledge of them...
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Our Time Together: The Tale Of Larsen

Larsen Phillips can no longer bear to see Futora Romanaro like this anymore... Part of the SARTAM universe. For the best experience, please read the first chapter of my original novel 'SARTAM: Life On Cinthyatar' first and then my original short tale '48 Hours: The Tale Of Futora' second.
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Life Happens

Lily wants to control time so bad, but has to find out where she stands as the world's time has it's own plans and schedule.
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Demian's journey becomes a struggle for redemption, culminating in a pivotal choice that could reshape his existence....
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