Obsidian Obsession: A Twisted Love Unveiled

In this gripping and suspenseful story, meet Lucy, a mysterious goth girl who is secretly in love with Max, the popular and charming boy everyone adores. Lucy, a social outcast, is determined to make Max fall for her, but her methods take a dark and dangerous turn. Through spying, stealing, and manipulation, Lucy's infatuation escalates into a twi…
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Christmas Time In The North - Lance's Version

This story is a Teen Drama related story. A close friend, (i-am-elsa__) has completed another perspective of this same story! Make sure to check out her's! This is Lance's side of the story, check out i-am-elsa__ for Kaia's story!
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Love story

Love is life
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Yeraltındaki eğreti düzeninin tüm iplerini kız kardeşi bildiği kadın için koparan Alparslan Ateş, hayatını toplantıları ve kanunları arasındaki ince çizgide nizami bir şekilde yaşamaya çalışırken; bir anlaşma ile kendini aşk oyunu içerisinde bulur. Armina, İstanbul'u tekeline alan oyunbaz adamla oturduğu masadan Kasabalı soyadını alarak kalktığın…
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Geçmişin Zincirleri 1: Aşkın Kanatları

Evreninin parçası Alga Bir Prenses düşünün Sarayda değil Savaş alanlarında büyüyen, oyuncak bebek ve mücevherler yerine, kan ve vahşet gören. Bir baba düşünün eşi ve çocuğu İçin onlardan vazgeçen, bir anne düşünün kızına siper olurken ölen. Bir kız çocuğu düşünün her iki tarafı da yarım olan. İşte bu Karanlıklar Kralı ve Karanlık Ejderha Felix Black’in Kızı, Aisha Sui…
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His heart strengthened in strength took revenge on those who tried to destroy him. Now he returns from hell under a different look and feel under the name Joshdan to restore peace to Algeson.
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Summary of the Novel: "Winter Love" is a heartwarming tale that follows the journey of Sophia and André, two individuals who discover the power and endurance of their love through the changing seasons of life. As they navigate the ups and downs, their love remains constant and resilient. The story begins with Sophia and André facing challenges a…
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When love walks in

A misplaced love. A wounded heart. A vengeful soul. And a healing touch. Secrets, lies, and betrayals were the rules of the game. A story about perseverance, the strength of friendship, and finding love when hope was lost. Lillian is a sweet innocent soul betrayed by the man of her dreams. A man who was supposed to be her anchor, but turned out t…
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"The Billionaire's Obsession"

In a world where success is everything, a young woman's dreams of becoming a writer become intertwined with the desires of a billionaire CEO. As their professional relationship turns personal, Sarah must confront her own fears and insecurities, while Jack battles his own demons from the past. Will their obsession with each other lead to true love …
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Since Odylie knew Alan - the man from her daydreams - she wondered who Alan was and what he wanted from her. When she went hiking with Lennard, Alan appeared for the second time and told her something. She went on the track of the strange dark secret of the fantasy person and then she suddenly understood the truth.
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Into You

Ashley didn't know what was coming over her when she moved to the new city to start College, and Sam didn't know he would find something he never knew before.
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I met her when I was 14, it wasn't love and we knew it never will be. She was 19 and we were just different, we still are but I really don't wanna be without her.
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Never Over You

After a rocky reunion, Agustina feels it is only right to give Valentina a second chance. After all, they used to be inseparable until Val was forced to leave La Paz and start over in another city. Thus, Agus needs to know why her best friend went away. As a night date ends on the wrong note, and after watching her house being invaved by strangers…
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Lesson Learned

For a special lesson at the English language institute she works at, Agustina decides to bring one of her favourite songs to sing with her fifth-grade students. However, she doesn't expect the reactions of some of them... Based on real-life events
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The Dark Turn: Locked In

Nicole is eighteen. She has a picture-perfect life from the outside. The reality of it is a family who is never around an alcoholic step mom, a sleazy dad, and a distant brother as she's taken care of by the two old maids who live in the house with her. She’s ready to turn her life around for the better, while things seem to be looking up it could…
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Dark and Dangerous Desires

Abby is a young adult studying in college. Her already sad life turns even more cold as an already orphan, a cheating boyfriend, dead best friend, and now she's falling in with a man who seems to be picking up the pieces to her shattered life. Little to her knowledge this sexy man is a dangerous and ruthless Mafia Don capable of many dark things n…
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God's Jealousy in Their Love

Sam is the major of Indonesian bomb diffusing army team. He met Akira, a reporter while trying to save her from drowning. Akira gets ahold of Sam's diary. While reading the diary, Akira gets to know why Sam tries to die every single day and learns about Sam's past and his first love , Mia. Will Akira, who is free spirited and has confidence that …
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Fell in Love with the Devil.

She fell in love with a guy whose name is Lucifer, but she finds out that he is the devil of the underworld.
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Till My Heart Was Stolen

Young detective from New Orleans, Louisiana, Embry Clark is transferred to New York City where a large criminal gang reeks havoc on the city and its people by abducting 7 year old boys into their gang to teach them their ways. Clark does everything in her power to gather information on them to bring them to justice and stop their organization wi…
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Filthy Dark Secrets

Every hero has a villainous side which becomes a FILTHY DARK SECRET. ___________________________________________ "Don't worry, you are safe here Miss Alpha ." He said while pulling on the chains and making sure they were securely locked. "Don't worry? You fucking chained me to this chair and you are pointing a damn knife at me, Mr. Mikaelson. …
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Bridge Street.

Taking a bite or two from a new monthly burger could be the reason you crave a different type of meat, but it’s up to you to protect yourself from undead Z’s craving a tasty brain. You get to take a look into the life of George—a chef who is determined not to become part of the undead clan.
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The woman of my dreams

The deception of heart and mind.
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In Love With The Enemy

Alina Maddox, a simple bright girl who lost her father at age 19 to a ruthless Ceo billionaire, Tristan Turner and his father. Years later while planning her vengeance, Tristan mistakes her when his company spirals downwards. In return, he holds her hostage in one of his many mansions. His intentions were to make her suffer, only to find she was i…
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Tigerlily: The Dark Secrets

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:* "Why are you wearing the black suit and bow tie?" She asked as she got into the car. He looked at the rear-view mirror and fixed his bow tie properly, then cleared his throat. "All the things that I just did was difficult, I had to think about this and couldn't sleep the whole night." "So what! When did I even ask for your h…
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She Prince

Wan ke was murdered in the age of 16 trying to save his 12 year old step sister. To take over the kingdom,power and to be the top general XingXing disguises herself as a boy taking her brother's name when he was in his dead bed, informing others that the daughter of the Great lord Wen has been killed. She isn't someone who is fragile and weak she…
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My One and Only

If you had a choice would you sacrifice yourself for the one you love? How far would you be willing to go to keep them safe? What would you do if they were in danger? Damen and Elisa are two opposite people that happened to click, maybe it was fate, maybe just happened by chance but for whatever reason, they are attracted to each other like magnet…
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This story begins from UK's Jail Honde date-15/02/2020 where questions are being asked to a prisoner. Outside the room where the prisoner is going to be asked the question, some COPS are whispering something among themselves. This book is also available on Amazon Search binit Kumar singh.
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Not Missing A Name

Not Missing A Name is a mystery novel translated from the novel Tidak Hilang Sebuah Nama that was written by Galang Lufityanto and published by PT ERA ADICITRA INTERMEDIA and then translated into English by Elsyarif, with the aim that this novel can not only be read in Indonesia but also can be read all over the world. The content of this novel i…
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