Alex- Book One A story of the Apocalypse (M/M)

Seven months after arrival, the world is officially, on its knees. In a time of violence, cut communications, peril and alien menace, humanity has been swept up in a war between warring factions, heralded as everything from the end of days, to a holy war between God and the Devil. Alex is pretty sure it's all bullshit; that there's nothing holy or…
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The Red Rose M/M

Strapped for cash, Ryan makes the plunge into the world of the Red Rose, where one Special Interest night could make or break his life, living alone in a new city. Can one night change your fortune? Is love real, or just a pipe dream? What happens if your love turns out to be three tyrants out for their own good night on the strip? Ryan was pretty…
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Yaralı Şifacı

"Kal orda, kıpırdama! Yavaşça arkanı dön! Kafanı sakın bana doğru çevirme. Bu izbe yerde ölmek istiyorsan o ayrı tabi! " Sıvası dökülmüş, yer yer küflenmiş kolonun arkasından avına bakıyordu şimdi. 'Zavallı!" diye geçirdi içinden nasıl da titrek nefesler alıp veriyor. "Çantayı işaretlediğim yere doğru götür!" Taktığı maskenin arkasından boğuk çık…
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Aşk Bir Meydan Savaşı

Celladına Aşık Olmak kurgumdaki yan çiftin hikayesidir. Muhabbet açmanın en iyi yolu yürümek değil koşmaktır gay düsturunca; bana bakan öfkeli çakır mavilerine aldırmadan ,çenesinden tutup dudaklarına yapıştım. Ne olduğunu anlamasına izin vermeden alt dudağını emmeye başladım. Tuhaftı ama kötü hissetmedim. Bir kaç saniye sonra kafası yerine gelen…
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Celladına Aşık Olmak

Bir intikam hikayesi... Bin bir zorlukla kazandığım hayallerimin okulu askerî liseyi bana zehir eden Adil, benim hem en büyük zaafım hem de acımasız celladımdı.
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The not-so amazing life of Tyler

Tyler son of a multi-millionaire had just been accepted into the Zodiac High school. His first day went pretty smoothly, but when Kyle son of the principal confesses his love to him, he tries to evade him so as not to fall for any tricks.
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A young girl who is alone meets a beautiful woman while taking a walk to her end. The woman is tended to kill the girl but finds out what her life is like and changes her mind. TW's Sucidal thoughts Suicide attempt Eating disorder Depression Self harm (SH) Abuse
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THE DARKNESS - Vampires - BOOK 1

The Darkness follows the story of Alexander Montgomery, a 17-year-old boy who sees his life changing in just two years. And by engaging in the supernatural war of the vampire brothers Mattew and Brunno Warrant, Alexander and his friends will have to deal with a new, bleak world.
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Last Summer

This story received an honorable mention in the Last Summer Contest 2020. | Anna is finally on her first date with her crush, when an anonymous message on social media attracts her attention: **I know what you did last summer. ** What Anna did last summer and how will it affect her date?
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The story about the love of three girls. Will their love for each other become one of everlasting lust, or will it end in disaster?
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One day jace Ashton an invisible low level warlock gets an invitation to The Aurora royal supernatural high. A high school for snotty Royals and now he discovers that nothing he ever believed was true.
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Kill me twice/ shame on you

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A Lavender Yuletide

Bros... Who knows? ... It’s the most celebrated season of the year. Noel would have to travel miles from his current residence to visit his parents’ Christmas tree farm in their hometown; something he has not done for more than half a decade. Things go gaga when his boyfriend tags along with him, “for better or for worse.” Would he be able to conf…
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Investigating Love

After the death of her fiance, Fiona becomes lonely until she meets and falls for Tamara. Tamara works as an undercover detective to find the culprit behind the death. Little did she know that she will be investigating the love her life. —Tamara wanted to take part in the auditions more than anything. When she had not, fate had still a better ch…
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You Belong With Me (Boyxboy Version)

“She'll never know your story like I do.” ... It's just your ordinary high school romance, but with a lil bit more top-up of touche. Aidan Quinn is a closeted introvert, popularly referred to as AiQ, who has an intense crush on no one else but his high school's British-born top soccer player, Braden Fuller, whom he has been friends with, since mid…
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The Otherkind

Eris has never had a normal life, but it takes a turn for the worse when she makes a nearly fatal mistake she can't take back.
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A Confused Love

A fictional romance LGBT story that takes us to live the drama and confusion of three women who thought they knew what love is.
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Pretty Liar

Kim is a 20 year old Male who was kidnapped by his stalker. He never knew he would end up like this on a regular movie night.. Does he fall in love with his stalker..?.. Or meets his painful end..?..
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Forbidden Love

She has a girlfriend she's in love with, but she's fallen for another girl -Maureen- who has a boyfriend. Now she's torn between two people. Would she tell her girlfriend? Would they make it work or would their love fade? Based on a true story.
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A girl in her dream city

A young girl goes away to Paris to find the love of her life and decides to move in with her.
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Thick as thieves

Fantasy + Adventure + Gay slowburn
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Marry Me - Part One (Jecorn)

Some Jecorn for starters :> (i drew the image so it's original) jett is taller acorn wears hoodies
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I know what that's like (Jecorn)

Some more Jecorn (warning: sad) pretty much about my biggest fear: not being accepted for my sexuality ;w; jett is taller and has heterochromia acorn wears hoodies
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18-year-old Ester Burns finds love in 17-year-old Sophie Greene until Ester falls ill with a tumor and then into a coma. Sophie's mother, also Ester's surgeon, has to cope with previous trauma and heal her daughter's girlfriend despite showing prejudice against the LGBTQIA+ community. 3rd Person Fictional
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Bullets of Love and War

How Far Will You Go To Find Yourself? Ron Mitchell wants nothing more than to fit in with the rest of his peers. However, growing up in a tight-knit, conservative community surrounded by old-school beliefs and customs, Ron has never been able to truly express himself or his sexuality. Being queer, quiet, and socially outcasted, he has faced rele…
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Lover, Hunter, Friend, & Enemy (Drarry)

Age Rating: 18+ Who am i kidding im not even 18 lol Genre: Romance, Slash, Slow Burn Main characters: DM & HP Warnings: Bullying and isolation; mentions of depression and PTSD Summary: After the Second Wizarding War, Draco Malfoy found himself alienated from the majority school; his old friends just irritate him, and all of Hogwarts (except for…
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The Girl From The Other Balcony

Nicole has just landed her first job as an intern at a well-known magazine and has therefore had to move from her small town to the big city. On the first day in her new home, she finds Giselle, her neighbor from the apartment next door to her, sitting and drawing on the other balcony. Nicole is immediately fascinated by that beautiful and mysteri…
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Dream on fire

Dream on fire is about a group of girls & boys that go to different schools. All the boys go to Somerset school for boys and all the girls go to Somerset School for girls. At the schools they are supposed to act like their original gender even if they were transgender or non-binary or they would get in trouble. The main character of the story Arab…
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