•VE LANET SONA ERER SERİSİ• 1. Kitap: Kanlı Kanatlar (tamamlandı) 2. Kitap: Saklı Yaralar (yazılıyor) WattpadFantasyTR Doğaüstü Geçidi listesinde! Babasından kaçan yalnız bir büyücü prens ve laneti sona erdirip kendisi ve tüm cadı ve büyücüler adına intikam isteyen bir cadı... Eski dostlar ve yeni düşmanlar, kalpleri titreten aşklar, güce aç hai…
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~English version of "Ve Lanet Sona Erer"~ A lonely wizard prince who has escaped from his father and a witch who wants to end the curse and seek revenge for herself and all the witches and wizards... Old friends and new enemies, heart-shattering loves, power-hungry traitors, magical cruises, bloody balls, wars, ending curses... "Bloodywings are…
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Aşk ve Ölümün Hançeri

Evreninin parçası Aşk ve Ölümün Hançeri ■Aşk ve Ölümün Hançeri■ Etimizi keserseniz bizim de kanımız akmaz mı? Gıdıklarsanız gülmez miyiz? Zehirlerseniz ölmez miyiz? Peki ya bize haksızlık ederseniz öcümüzü almaz mıyız? ~William Shakespeare "Gözleri Glacies Denizi'nden de mavi Saçları hırçın kayalıklar gibi kuzguni Hançerini saplar ve kurutur mu ka…
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Siyah Karanfil'in Buzdan Kalbi

Evreninin parçası Siyah Karanfil'in Buzdan Kalbi Evreni Kapak tasarımı: @kleopati ❤ "Bedeninizin buzunu eritmiş olabilirim ancak kalbinizin buzunu eritemem. " Derin bir nefes verip konuşmaya devam etti genç Solox. "Kalbinizin buzunu yalnızca onu donduran kişi eritebilir." Duyduğu sözlerle acıyla gülümsedi genç kadın. Üzerinde yıllar boyunca bir heykel olmanın yorgunluğu vardı. Buzları yeni …
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Kırmızı Gül

Evreninin parçası Maia On prens ve beş prenses bulunan Estelzon Kraliyet ailesinde prenseslerin taht hakları yoktu. Sadece krallığı güçlendirmek için evlilik yollu bağlar kurmaya yarayan birer araç olarak görülüyorlardı. Kral güçten düştü, prensler ve onları destekleyen anneleri arasında taht kavgası başladı. Prensesler evlendirilmek ve erkek kardeşlerinin gücüne güç …
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The Daedlands: Adapting a magical catastrophe for your game

Evreninin parçası The World of Raul - The Daedlands Your Primer to the Daedlands and the world of Raul - it's civilizations, maladies and gods, complete with system agnostic information for inclusion into your fantasy RPG worlds. Please refer to our release tags for more information on how things are being play tested and balanced.
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A coming of age story of an exceptional Druid
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Finding Her Destiny

"As his tongue slid in between mine I felt as if I could have melted into his arms. Just from his touch my mind was sent into a dizzy and confused state. He left a trail of sparks down my body as he made his way to my shorts. I arched my back as his finger slid inside of me......" Charlotte Rose is the next future queen of the Crescent pack in on…
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The Golden Star

A book on struggle in life of a boy in his race to the top.
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Dahil: The Golden Star ($3/ay)


The curse has been here for years, Like... Our home isn't safe anymore. . . It's almost IMPRACTICAL to survive in this fantasy world. Filled with immense creatures what our goal is—to believe—and destroy the ultimate creature of, Ghosts Of The Wild. LET YOUR FANTASY WORLD COME TO LIFE. NEW BOOK COMING SOON... . Go Follow me for more books an…
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Vritra? New word, eh? Well for Anish this word has been haunting him since the past 10 years. What is a vritra? A dragon, in simple words. Why don't you follow Anish and his crew to discover some unreal adventures. And adventure in the Runn of Kutch (Rajasthan, India) or in the highest mountain peak the Himalayas? Find out how his mother turned …
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A young girl who is alone meets a beautiful woman while taking a walk to her end. The woman is tended to kill the girl but finds out what her life is like and changes her mind. TW's Sucidal thoughts Suicide attempt Eating disorder Depression Self harm (SH) Abuse
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The Storyteller's Silence

Master and apprentice are one and the same. They have lived one another's lives, shared each other's joys and sorrows. They have only one problem: one of them lives in the past, the other in the future. The barely exists.
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The Storyteller's Tale

Master and apprentice are one and the same. They have lived one another's lives, shared each other's joys and sorrows. They have only one problem: one of them lives in the past, the other in the future. The barely exists.
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Twin Gods

One explanation of many, given to explain the origins of one of many worlds.
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Het: The Fae Wytch Prince

Formerly speakautumnroads account. New draft... Blending in has never been easy for Het. With completely black eyes and nails, miniature fangs, and a forked tongue, he's often felt like a freak. But It's his imaginary friend, Chance, who really seals the deal. With blossoming supernatural powers that seem to come from this faceless haunt, Het be…
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Hi, my name is Blayze. I'm a experienced martial artist and elite class swordsman.Well guys you know. My task is to hunt down monsters. All kind of monsters like: dragons, ogre's and oversized snakes.
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The cliched fairytale ending, twisted by the antagonist. It’s not your story if you can’t even narrate it, porcelain doll.
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Esmee is the famous mermaid in her town of Levanto. When she returns to Portorosso, she meets up with old faces and opens a new door to questions she never expected to find the answers for.
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Royal Arcanum (Book 0.1 of The Arcanum Revelation Series)

Royals have secret, as much as anyone else’s. 17-year-old Cathy Charlotte thought that her mom still keeping a secret about their family. Until one day, odd things are starting to happen—the white hair girl who has been haunted her dreams is coming to reality as their so-called distant relative—Sylvia Elle who acts all strange and mysterious. Mea…
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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Evrenler vardır, milyonlarca. Hepsinin kendine has bir kokusu, canlıları, melodisi.... Ama şuan içinde bulunduğun evrenin çocukları elementlerin gücünü ,doğasında söz hakkı olabilen, canlıların yaşamına veya yok oluşunda etkili, kaosun içinde hapsolmamayı başarabilen.... güçlerle doldurarak armağanı sunan bu evrende bir masal yazılmaya başlar: …
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Pendant of Time (Antics of Chaos series)

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Kevin Valor a collage graduate who has always loved history. The medieval wars swords and axe's. He had always wanted to live in the Dark age's and now he wishes to turn back the hands of time but oh he can he just has to figure out how to use the pendant but That's gonna be difficult while stuck in the 13's and locked up in a dungeon for "Practic…
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Kaçak Tutsak

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Bedeni mumyalanmayıp lanetlenen bir mumya, ölülerin dünyasından kaçmış, kurtarıcısının peşinden ayrılmayan tutsak bir ruh ve onu ne olursa olsun geri götürmekle görevli olan gardiyanı 21. yüzyıla uyum sağlayabilecekler mi? Ya da lanetli mumya kendi zamanına dönüp intikam almak isteyecek miydi?
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The Curse Prince

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye The son of King Daniel and Queen Annabelle, Prince Edward, was cursed by a witch after his father rejected her. The curse transformed him into a monstrous creature, causing shame to his parents. They took him to an empty house where two servants cared for him. A kind witch named Chole informed the royal couple that the curse could be lifted if the…
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THE LAYKO'S BOOK - the other werewolf story

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye MONSTER PRESENTATION This story that will be presented to you has passed through centuries in darkness and anonymity, for having been forbidden to be told, so that it would be erased once and for all from the libraries of the world. But that's not what happened. She was forgotten for so long, that for many, she is nothing more than a legend; for o…
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Inkspired Yazarlarıyla Röportajlar

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye İnkspired yazarlarıyla röportajlar.
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Orion Stars Online

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Orion Stars Players Lounge is an online gaming platform that offers a variety of online casino games, sweepstakes games & fish fames to players around the world. Further info browse our website:
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Horses Of a Special Origin

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye One of Taiaessa's most prized possessions is a spectacular hidden gypsy gem mare. This horse holds a special place in her heart, as it embodies freedom and a carefree spirit. The mare's joyful and merry nature sets her apart from any other horse Taiaessa has encountered.In summary, Taiaessa's unique background, passion for horseracing, involvement…
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