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Serenity Hill

An artist. Her undiagnosed visions. A tortured mental institution patient. His bipolar disorder and chronic agony. Their growing passion and empathy for one another. Four evil-minded doctors. Their cruel mocking and prolonging of their patients' unbearable pain. Three wicked nurses. One other nurse with a heart of gold. A hundred hurting patie...
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My ex is my bestie

When we first met we agreed that marriage was the best fit for us but after a year but we were best friends and we still are.Even though we're divorced
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Unbearable Truth

A beautiful young woman falls in love with the guy she thought was her dream come true. Every step she takes to make things perfect; she realizes that nothing is perfect especially when there’s only one person trying to make it perfect. She wasted so many years believing in something that’s not there. A DREAM COME TRUE OR RATHER A NIGHTMARE.
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Short Therapy

I want to die but I need a little more time.So I don't want you to love me or save me I just need you to stay with me.
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My Stubborn Mistress

A thousand times our path cross... But a thousand times our Fate playing on us. Cassandra Young is a 17 years old Island girl with full of mysterious memories she cannot remember the important part of them. Losing everything, she wonders where to begin... Then a Master shows up and claimed everything she has, moreover, she was pampered like a ...
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Our Sins

Everyone has a dark filthy secret, even the ones who look innocent and harmless got some. Everyone is a sinner. A small high school in Tokyo is filled with filthy sinners. And Asami Sato is just one of them.
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The Golden Of Peace

A teenage girl named Alya. She and her friend Chloe fight for their town and people. They hide their identities. Little does Alya know her best friend is the holder of the gold heart
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Title Of Trust &Love

Trust know one
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Anyone But Emma

Anyone but Emma is a fictional drama audio style diary written by London Packer. The story was originally was suppose to be a web comic but the idea was scratched due to the author’s limited art talent and knowledge. The story follows a young college student name Emma recording her academic process in college with a old cell phone audio recorde...
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Hill of Memories: The Scent of the Flowers in that Promised Place.

This story portrays many different scenarios of several people who come to this magic place called The Hill of Memories where a little girl lives. She received the name of Fairy by many visitors who have barely seen her around the place. Here, there are a lot of memories and feelings flowing alongside the scent of the flowers. One day this littl...
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Blue and Grey

Longing for happiness every day has become more difficult since you left, you made my life a green and white color but when you left you left it in blue and gray. Story inspired by BTS "Blue and Grey" #songteen
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Orphan Karina

Karina took it upon herself to write a life-changing story. Talking about her upbringing in a Russian orphanage with her siblings. And what it was like when she got adopted. You would think life in America would be wonderful and free, but she saw a lot of darkness growing up in both countries.
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Blood red rose

A young girl goes on holiday with her family and she meets a boy who she goes mad over. She starts learning more about him and learns he likes the couler red. She became the couler red but that caused chaos
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A very special girl is looking for her sister that went missing 6 years ago she faces challenges along the way but in the end her love for her sister pays off
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The War Of the Union

The American Civil War began in the middle of the nineteenth century. Starting from April 1861, to April 1865. It was the bloodiest war In US history. Bloodier than the American Revolution and world war ll combined. More Americans lost their lives than in any other war faught by the US. Brother turned against brother. Friend agaisnt friend. W...
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I Will Love You... Forever

I Will Love You... Forever A story that could be a fairy tale. A love story between two people so different and so close.
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If I was a star

...The stars look exceptionally bright today. Yesterday they weren't this vibrant. I guess they have a choice to shine when they want to. Unlike some of us who have been forced into a lifestyle, we do not even have a say in. If only I was a star...
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Autumn in my heart

Two boys separated at birth. Some friends may be your brothers. Some enemies may be your family. And many of your insecurities may be someone else's. Because this is my first life. Story created for the challenge "The English Writer" of The Author's Cup 2020.
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The story shows a 17-year-old who is in the last year of school, he lives in his own world full of darkness, the same one that follows him until a fucking critic, until he takes the step to take his own life. But will meeting that person change it? Or will the darkness end up consuming him?
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Where's My Love?

This story received an honorable mention in the See You Soon Songfiction Contest. | Based on the song Where's My Love by SYML, the story describes how Diego feels when Isadora leaves. Now all he wants is to find her again. Will he make it?
Kısa Hikaye 4.9k görüntüleme 3 Hikaye tamamlandı

Secrets of the garden

In 1953, an ordinary guy called Alonzo Donati (Also known as: Al) was looking for a job after he realized that he wasn’t earning money since few years and needed it urgently. Suddenly, he met a fancy man called Adam who offered him a job as a butler so Al without thinking twice, accepted the offer. However, he didn't know that his life was goin...
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Simple living is something that Silver has never had the privilege of knowing. Orphaned with her little sister Avery, and dropped into the hands of her stripper aunt, she learned quickly that you have to take what you need from this world before it takes everything out of you. Heavier burdens were placed on Silver's shoulder, forcing her to da...
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Between monsters and humans

This work has a strange focus on existential debates and their consequences. WARNING : this story is not for everyone, unless you understand some message without be overreacting. How I trust the maturity of the people, the story is for people over 18 years, because I didn't found an older restriction of age and 21 is too exaggerated. Anyway,...
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A game between father and his daughter.
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the dare.

Giselle and her bestfriend meet a girl who seems very friendly, and persuades them to play a short round of Truth or Dare with her. Soon, this fun game turns into a terrifying game, and those who don’t tell the truth, or refuse the dare, are punished.
2 BÖLÜMLER 5.4k görüntüleme 6 5 Yeni bölüm Her Çarşamba

Queen Of Ace

[ONGOING] I am a strong and independent woman and I need to pull myself together. Although, the Universe seems to always have a different plan, and it is turning out to be more than I can handle. But a girl with a dream is on fire. NB: No mature scene - suitable for Young Adults Queen of Ace remains No 1. **** Copyright © 2019 All rights ...
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Elizabeth is a woman with a purpose. That purpose is getting into Blackwell Retreat where her sister went missing a year ago. In her desperate search for answers, she enters the Retreat as a patient. Can she find out what happened and get out before they figure out who she really is?
3 BÖLÜMLER 6.2k görüntüleme 1 1 Hikaye tamamlandı

Fire Angel

When an apartment building catches on fire and traps a number of its residents on the roof, the fire department calls in some aerial support. They call her the Fire Angel. Can she help them get everyone to safety before the fire brings the whole building down? Challenge: the story must be completely told through dialogue.
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